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is moringa leaves the right herbs for hepatitis b?

please i want to no weather moringa which is prove by the chanis medical officers is the right herbs for the hepatitis b.this is because a lot of peaple are using them as at know.

                      please help
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Just try to browse the web about SALVIA LIGUSTRUM tabs. It works for me very well. My LFT become in normal range. HbsAg negative and i develop AntiHbsAg of above 10.I did this for over 16months. If you want to know about the research about this, just browse the web and type in that herbs.
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Hello friend..

can u tell us how long u suffered with virus and

what was ur viral load before starting the treatment...

Lastly since  how long you are the negative results
Mablejoshua. That is a scam from Nigeria. Don’t trust and sent money
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Last April'09  I had my HBsAg Test = 229.1, other test for hep B is not available in our province. My doctor advised me to take only vitamin for the liver. Since I have problem financially I started drinking herbal medicines.
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As bberry said some herbal remedies are very liver friendly.

Viral treatments or herbal remedies both are not proven (or guarantee) 100% elimination of virus. It is a case by case basis success story.

What about your viral load and e-Antigen status ?

Your stats are convincing, but was there any research done on this ?  cajim - any thoughts ?
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Pls I. Have a viral load about 88million what is my status
Judging from your viral load, you've a very hgihgly replicating hbv infection, if you are talking about hepatitis B. Get your doctor take a closer look at your disease by talking more tests like liver function tests, fibroscan, and ultra sound. With this much viral load, you are certainly eligible for treatment.
I had 120 million but now less than 20. Doctor started me with Tenovofir 300mg after several tests. I think you need to see a doctor ASAP
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've been drinking boiled Moringa Oleifera leaves (started june '09) and boiled Phyllanthus Niruri leaves (started july '09), both plants are abundant in our country.
My test results:

May 2009:

June 2009:

July 2009:
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Wow very nice.. I also take phyllanthus niruri but in tab form.
Wao I used phyllantus Niruri but I want to know if it has side effects and how long I should use it
No side effects and usage has no definite limit. I will use it for years.
Hi, have you recieved any benefits form this herbal medicine in terms of improvement of liver function tests, hbsag quantity reduction (how much, if any), hbv dna reduction, improvement
of any possible pre-existing fibrosis, or cirhosis, etc?
Pls were can I get phylianthus NIruri leave
What brand do you all use?
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herbs dont cure hepatitis
herbs can be liver friendly but nothing proven to help cure or treat hepatits

if u wanna try this moringa herb then please do and let us know how it works for you.. maybe it does magic for you.

personally, i've never heard of it
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