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pls,need ur help urgently.

1)Can hepatitis b weaken the immune system?
2)Does it have some come symptoms with HIV?
I was diagnosed positive in hep b and negative in HIV but I'm experiencing some signs and symptoms of HIV like nausea, shingles,rashes and the rest.
Pls help me out.
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yes it weakness no they are different
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1)Can hepatitis b weaken the immune system?

no babies infected at birth by chronic hbv (the only way hbv gets chronic) have much stronger immune systems.it is like hbv trains our immune system to be stronger
the problems with hbv are only for those not knowing to be infected because it makes no sympthoms and after 40-50years of infection not treated some patients develop cirrhosis or liver cancer.
today the only problem is not testing and having infection from birth all life

2)Does it have some come symptoms with HIV?

no it doesn t have, only acute hbv on adults have symptoms which are the immune response effect to clear the virus, if there is no immune response there is no damage or symptoms
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the thing hbv does is to hide from our immune system or suppress immune response only to hbv in the liver

the immune system works perfectly on all other pathogens, the immune system might get weaker only if cirrhosis is developed but this takes decades of uncontrolled infection and the percentage of these patients is again very low many are inactive carriers with low hbvdna and mild liver damage
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Thanx so much.But my problem is,why am I experiencing those symptoms even though I'm HIV negative?
Oh my... I'm sorry I didn't read more... Please ignore my comment on your other post.
My daddy had Hep and left us too early from something he contracted in the military as a Medic.
I have no thoughts because... well, I don't know anything.
If I did, maybe I could've helped him. He was on a waiting list and never got called... He watched his 4TH daughter die of Cancer just after watching his 1ST grandchild die at age 26 of Sudden death for supposedly unknown heart defects.

It was a very bad time in our lives.

I didn't know you had, had any diagnoses when I responded to your other post.

It didn't tell me that it was old..

I Truly hope you are feeling better these days...

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those are signs of an active immune response which can be directed to countless pathogens.
hbv, hcv is silent and rarely felt by carriers only blood tests can tell

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Alright.Thanx dear
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Have you been extremely tired,  fatigue,  joint problems for several years?
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