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I think I now have Lupus

If you view my profile you will find that I treated with interferon and ribavirin for 48 weeks.  I ended treatment in Dec. 2013 and was detected four weeks later.  I have been struggling with fatigue that is so bad that I fall asleep at work nearly every day.  I also have scalp issues and was recently diagnosed with acne necrotica (inflammation of the hair follicle so severe that it is completely destroyed).  I also went a week where I had lung pain when I breathed deeply.  This reminded me of plueresy which I used to get 30 years ago.  Well, the last symptom is a burgundy colored mystery rash that is under my breast.  It's not painful and hardly itches.  It's fairly round and about 6 to 7 inches in diameter.   I strongly believe that I now have lupus and am suffering from a flare caused by sun exposure and stress.
I haven't shared this with anyone.  I have been trying to move forward with my life and am making changes.  I have plans to lose weight via bariatric surgery.  I also put together a two year plan to pay off bills so I can make some dreams come true.  I am so disappointed and don't want to persue a diagnosis until my surgery which will probably happen in about six weeks.  I've been going thru a six month pre-surgery qualification process and I' m almost there!  I feel like I can't catch a freakin' break!!!
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Hi, I had surgery when I did not know that I had HCV, I was given a lot of pain medication, anesthesia without knowing that my liver was damaged.

The surgery affected me for a very long time, please be careful.  I was in a brain fog for a year.  My husband said I never recovered.  You are too valuable to take chances with your life.  If I had known that I had HCV back then I would not have had the surgery.

Another member on here had surgery, he did not know that he had HCV and his liver decompensated.

I am not a doctor just a fellow patient who has been there
Take Care
My best to you
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Be sure to diagnose what, if anything might be wrong with you before you proceed with bariatric surgery. An ex's sister had Lupus and she had a hard time finding a doctor to follow her.  Back then Gastric Bypass was contraindicated with lupus. I remember  her labs were a problem and she had to 'doctor shop" until she found someone who was not so particular. She was a nurse so I am sure she figured something out.
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