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Pimples or rash or something else?

Getting pimples when you are over 60?

I have tried not putting any kind of lotion on my face or oils, just keeping it clean but that's not working

And trying not to touch my face with my fingers

I had a bit of this during my treatment with Sovaldi that just went away after awhile. No itching, just little pumps

Anyone else have this issue? I think it must be treatment related since it's something that I thankfully did not have to suffer through when I was a teenager

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You have been on hepatitis C treatment for an extended period of time.  What you have to be careful of is bacteria infections.  What you could be experiences is your bodies lack of ability to fight of bacteria.   I started to have this after treatment and went to the dermatologist.  I was prescribed azelaic acid Gel, 15%.    I just apply it lightly on my face at night.  Very small amount.  Cleared it up within a week.   Over time I have used it less and less.

Hope this helps
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I started using straight up Mineral oil (commonly used as a laxative) It so  soothing and easily absorbed leaving no oily residue. I wish I has used it long ago. I rub it in all over. I rub hard in circles to help loosen the skin bumps. It takes me about an hour after a shower to do that. My skin is soft and soothed. I figure the toxins are released through the skin as my liver doesn't do well handling the toxins.
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