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Two xcellent articles on relapse, viral variants, hidden virus, and related issues


I thought this editorial was the most interesting thing I've read about HCV in a long time. I think people here can get some useful information from it.


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Sorry, I said two articles because the editorial refers to:

Hara K, Rivera MM, Koh C, et al. Sequence
analysis of hepatitis C virus from patients
with relapse after a sustained virological re-
sponse: relapse or reinfection? J Infect Dis

And, yes, they are a little outdated, but the discussions are still perfectly relevant; and the editorial is chock full of little-known info about the realities of post-HCV treatment.
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Good article, Mike. I have read other articles about late relapse in individuals treated for Hep C. It appears it is rare, but possible in some people. We should all be checked periodically to be certain that we have maintained an SVR.  
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