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What test/analyzes I need to make before I start Harvoni? help me fast

Complete blood picture and ultrasound and?
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any answer please??
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Depending upon your age and progression of disease, you may not even need to treat and it might be better to let others be the Harvoni guinea pigs.

Read my most recent post in Hep C Community for rationale.
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I am 35 with PCR 1 years ago was 136000 and half year ago was 24800. fibroscan 1 year ago was F1. platelets last one was 270 and 2 months ago was 380.
last ultrasoun was 2 months ago, impression:- fatty hep changes.
anyway, harvoni is good, right? tell me what u mean by let others be the harvoni guinea pigs? i cant find ur post. help me
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Hi, if you click on Scottie24's name you can see all of his posts.
I think what he is saying is that if you don't have a damaged liver you might want to wait to treat.  You would want to watch your diet, don't drink alcohol.
Here are some people who have treated with Harvoni

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