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hep c antibodies back

ive been SVR since 2008 ..my liver has become enlarged(i must confess i drink but i havent engauged in any bad behavior or anything ..my doc (hes new wwasnt my doc back then did a hep panel said i had antibodies 8.2...Im freaking out do i have hep c again and how
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Hi, If someone  ever has HCV the antibodies will always show on a blood test. Even if they are cured and SVR. Only way to see if you have an active virus is with a PCR test.
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As mentioned above you will always show the HCV antibody even if you cleared the virus.
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No, probably not but why would you start drinking again when your liver has obviously sustained damage?
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I have been SVR since 2012 and as far as I was told you will always test positive for antibodies .......SVR ..... peg ,Riboviron and incivik
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