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Genotype 1A and should I even bother?

I have genotype 1a and my Viral load is 997,000 and I have elevated Liver enzymes. My doctor wants me to try treatment and has already given me the script that I am filling today. I have done alot of research and am getting really doubtful. All I am seeing is that my genotype is not going to respond to the treatment. What does this mean for me? If I am already showing signs of liver stress, how am I going to make it? I was fine I had a viral load of 55 then I got pregnant and it went to 250 then after I gave birth via c-section an breast fed for 4 months it shot up to 997,000. I am very scared and have very little faith that this will work esp after seeing that I have a 30% chance and NOT 50% like my doc had said ! Please give it to me straight.....what are my chances really and should I even bother??
Oh and please explain obne more thing...what is 1a ??

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There will be a new drug for geno 1 out in two years which will improve the odds.
Some of us have taken it in clinical trials.
It will push the odds of success up from 46% to 66%.
Your doc is more right than you-your odds on the current regime are nearer 50% than 30%..
Women do better than men.
Young do better than old
Thin do better than fat
Minimal liver damage do better than advanced
Whites do better than blacks.
You will know where you fit in that profile
After four weeks treatment your doctor will have a much better idea if you are going to succeed or fail.
Have you had a biopsy and what stage are you?
1a is simply the strain of the virus-it is the most common and one of the hardest to treat-the percentages I have given you are releveant for geno 1.
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welcome, and congratulations on your new baby!  Never give up hope.  Sounds like you've been on the wrong Wright site.  Positive thinking is so very important Dragonfly and start with that and a good Hepatologist.  I know you are depressed.  Just having a baby can do that to some.  My youngest just had a baby less than 3 mos ago so I know what I'm talking about and I would tell her what I'm telling you now.  You are needed!  Loved!
and you must be strong.  You will beat it and there are some good people on this forum that will help you get thru.
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I am currently on treatment with geno type 1a and my viral load two days before I started was 47 million.  I had a liver biopsy and was stage 2.  I thought the same thing, am I wasting my time here, I was scared and felt very alone.  This board along with my doctor helped me decide to try treatment.  I had a lot going for me, was thin, female, not too old, non smoker, excersised all the time, etc.  Now I am almost at the end of treatment, I have 6 weeks left, has it been easy, NO but I managed to get myself to work almost every day.  Think I missed a total of 3 days and went home early another day.  I was undetected at 12 weeks.  All in all, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, I'm one of the lucky ones.  The first 6 months were the easiest for me.  My doctor really worked with me, putting me on an anti-depressant 2 weeks before I started was one saving grace, I haven't been at all depressed since I started treatment.

You don't have anything to loose and everything to gain, try it for 12 weeks and see if you respond.   Give yourself a chance!

Good luck and let us know what you decide.

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Wow, Dragonfly, even though you're young and female - and that's a plus - I personally wouldn't plunge into treatment right now with a newborn, unless it were urgent.

Your viral load is not significant, except for treating purposes, and your current load gives you no advantage to starting now.  

I think you really should first have a biopsy to determine how the virus is affecting your liver. The results will influence whether you can afford to wait until your baby is older and until better  and shorter treatment is on the market.

Many people on the board continue to work full-time during tx but having a new baby in the house is very different. New mothers have issues all their own and putting the treatment meds into the mix could lead to undesirable outcomes.

The meds are well-known to potentially cause anger and even rage, and although helper drugs are available, it's not easy to quickly find the right fit.

I'm surprised your doctor is moving ahead without first ordering a liver biopsy. That doesn't make sense to me, given your genotype and situation. I would personally get a second opinion fast. Does your doc specialize in treating Hepatitis C? Can you get a second opinion from a teaching hospital?

There are many unpredictables to treating and I would put my baby's best interest first unless I had a very solid support system in place or unless my liver biopsy determined I was a stage three or four.

I recommend that you ask for a liver biopsy before considering treatment,  use what time you have to learn more about HepC and make sure you're in the hands of a highly experienced HepC doctor.
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PortAnn asks some good questions.  I assumed you had a liver biopsy-did you?

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Bother, when the time is right.  If you don't have serious liver damage (and only a biopsy can tell you that), you could wait a while.

The usual reported cure rate for 1's is 48-50%.  That's decent (a 50-50 chance that you will cure) and the new meds that should be out in 2011 are reporting closer to 70% cures when added to the current drugs.  You just can't know how you will respond to the meds until you try it, but many guidelines suggest that if you don't have serious liver damage and you don't clear the virus by 24 wks (and some newer studies suggest using 12 wks. as the marker) you can stop and start over with the newer drugs instead of struggling on.  It's absolutely worth the bother, just a matter of figuring out when the right time to start is for you.  Chasing toddlers wore me out and they just don't understand "Mommy's tired now".
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I have NOT had a liver biopsy..My G.I Dr. told me that my liver something(not sure what) was elevated and that THAT is how they figure out who to treat and who not to! My child is 15 months and is running all over the house already! I do have great support and a wonderful husband. I am just very much loosing faith when all I see is the % rate falling faster and faster with all the research I have done! I picked up my script and filled the Riba ..but they said that the Peg had to be mail ordered?? why?? and How do I even go about doing that?
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The doctor will probably have to order the Peg, and depending on your health insurance may have to go thru insurance approvals which may take some time.  Your dr. is probably speaking of your ALT/AST levels being elevated which commonly fluctuates when you have hep C.

You may want to consider what Portann said in her post above.  It may be a little rough right now with a young one.

I have 1a & 2b and I was UND at 12 wks.  I don't know how long you have had it but many of us have had it for 20+ years before even finding out.  Try to stay calm and continue to do the research.  You may even want to get a 2nd opinion from a Hepatologist.
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