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1 Year Post HCV treatment

this forum helped me so much thru my months of treating this disease.  I learned in Dec. 06 that I had Hep C. My geno type was 2b; started interf. and riba in February 07, stopped end of July 07 and was UND; had follow up blood work in Oct. 07 and UND;  6 month blood work in Jan 08 and was UND; just had my one year post blood work and was UND  <5 IU/mL.   My liver enzymes were 190AST/250ALT and that was the red flag on catching this disease....while the enzymes dropped dramatically during treatment, they were still in 30 to 40 range;  with the last blood work, my enzymes are 21 and 15..........NEVER, NEVER have they been so low. All other levels are normal.  This really made my day.  My motto has and will always be (after treatment) "I will never take feeling good for granted again".  Enjoy Life.
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Isn't it amazing how we can have such incredibly high enzyme levels and not know it? I too had no idea what damage was being done to my liver (mid-200s) when mine was first discovered too.

It's a very scary disease - thank God that it was discovered so we could have the chance to get well, huh?

Congrats Lilla I"m so glad you are SVR and doing so well!
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My gosh....sounds so much like me (read profile).  I however am waiting for results of 3 month post tx.  Hope I can just say Ditto!

My enzymes became normal 2 weeks into treatment and have stayed that way...but in 20's and 30's.  Am hoping for some teens just like you.

And yes yes yes.....this really makes you appreciate your health.  It was a close call for me (assuming I will be SVR).  If not, then I will deal with it with all my might.  

Sometimes things happen for a reason, one just needs to appreciate that I guess and make it a positive thing.

Good luck to you Lilla!

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