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A bit of a scare and ... STILL UND!!!

Had 12-wk post tx PCR on July 1st, result phoned to me on July 10th was "<25."  Since it was not "UND," I freaked out and forgot everything I'd read on here about this type of result.  Thank goodness a few forum friends were around to help me through this period of anxiety.

Had repeat PCR on July 14, learned today that I'm still UND.  Will have another PCR at end of month, for some reason study has added in this 16 wk post tx testing.  If all these VL tests don't make me crazy with the waiting for results, at least now I feel pretty darned good going forward.

Nygirl, I can just hear you saying it.  Go ahead, I don't mind at all  : )  Nothing will wipe this smile off my face.
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Woohoo!!!  Super news honey, that smile of yours is radiating all the way to New Zealand!  Congrats! Epi xxx
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I'm doing the yippee yoooooo yow dance!!!!

I'm so happy for you... 99,9%, isn't it?

Loads of hugs,

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Fantastic news!  Congrats!

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Wow!  99.9%!  That's means the same for me too.  OOOhh, even happier than I was the other day!!!  

Let's hear everyone singing: "simply undetectable!"  Don't forget to play air guitar!!
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Great news - I am happy for you.
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Thanks, everyone.  You guys are the best!  I'm still waiting for nygirl to say I told you so.

Epi, I wonder if you can hear me singing over there too, I'm joining in the chorus with you.

JD, Marcia, Eric, thanks!  What a great feeling it is when it works, huh?
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Wow lapis great news yes 99,99 !!!!!

You have always been so kind an encourating  to me, I´m very happy for you!!

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Lapis- this is seriously good news; congratulations on a very good job! I’m happy for you, Yay!

Marcia; it says your doing the lapis dance; is that the same as a lap dance :o)?

Have a wonderful weekend both of you—

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Lapis, you're smiling!  And I can see the smile on your face all the way from here.

It's that special UND one called BEAMING!

I was far from home today and definitely heard you sing. It was in the key of F major, right? F major for major fantastic!  

Congratulations, April mate!

Did the study people explain the July 1st PCR result as a false positive? What a friggin' scare.

All the very best - the scare is over and smiling days are here to stay.

P.S. Now can I ask you if your forum name is based on James Whitney's work? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzniaKxMr2g) He was so cool for his time. I was a fan of Scriabin back then  but never heard of Lapis until much later.


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Hey, congratulations! I thought the sky your way looked a little brighter!

Didn't Wallace Stegner write a book titled "Lapis Lazuli"? Any connection with your moniker?

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Congratulations!  I am so happy for you!
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Fantastic news! Congratulations!

What a relief!! :) Im so happy for you.

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Oh my god can't believe you had to go on this roller coaster ride. Sooo happy to hear the great news!!! Hang in there you're doing awesome:]
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Wow, thanks, everyone!  

comeagain, glad you're here to see my good news!  Hope you are well, dear man.

Bill, yuk yuk, Stooges laugh, lapis dance!!  funny!  You know I'll have a good weekend!!  Hope you do, too.

portann, yes, the study people said "must have been a lab error."  Thanks for scaring the p out of me!!  That's what I wanted to say.

portann, Brent:  I love the James Whitney piece entitled "Lapis" and this was the first time I'd seen it.  Wow, and wow!  Beautiful, and not where my name came from.  Brent, you're getting a little closer, though I'm not familiar with the Stegner book.

So I took my name from my favorite semi-precious stone, lapis lazuli, which is my favorite color of blue and has little flecks of gold in it.  It is a crystal, and is said to promote healing.  I have lapis earrings and a pendant, and think of them as my good-luck jewelry.  I like to wear the pendant when traveling.  I also have a 4-inch tall carved Buddha made of a large piece of lapis.  I'd take pics and post them but puppy chewed up digital camera, now I need a new one!

skersj, Charm, Barb, thank you all so much.  Yes, I thought the roller coaster ride was over at EOT, but it does continue on!  So grateful to be getting the ride I want : )

I love you guys.  Really!  Warm hugs all around.
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NYGirl is gonna say it best..........but I'll say it first....Told ya so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So happy for ya!

Love yas!!!!!!!!!!

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Way to go!


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