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Just curious what other peoples doctors have told them about drinking?  Dr. didn't mention it to me but I know it can damage the liver.  Any info would be helpful!  Thanks everyone!
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I can tell you that my doctor said no alcohol period and to even change my mouthwash because it had alcohol in it.. Also they wanted to know how long ago I had a drink because if it was in the past 6 months they weren't going to give me the treatment..
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drinking when? during tx? post tx? before?
you have read that alcohol is not good for the liver, what other information might you need?
anything in moderation, if your organs are in good shape, should not make a huge difference on how it is processed by the liver. if you are on tx there should be no drinking of alcohol.
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Hi there, Just girlie:

In a nutshell, if you do indeed test positive for HCV, don
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Alcohol affects most medications so why drink on tx and chance hurting your chances of SVR. That is just crazy is you ask me. My doc requires all people to be alcohol free for 6 months prior to tx as did the 3 docs I saw previous to this one. As for after tx it depends on the condition of your liver. Like mentioned above moderation is key. My doc has no problem with this once SVR is attained. If you have any liver damage of course his recommendation is to refrain from alcohol. LL
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My doctor told me exactly what nancyj's post said. I am not exacly sure were you are in the diagnosis process at this point but I'm sure your doctor will advise you not to drink if you have just learned you are postive. I don't think any doctor will treat Hep C if the patient is still drinking. My doctor also told me that he would not perform a biopsy which I needed until 3 months after my last drink....that was a LONG WAIT as I wanted the biopsy done immeadiately when I learned about my Hep C. He also wouldn't start treatment until 6 months after my last drink....a wait I wasn't happy about at the time. I would prepare yourself mentally that you may have to give up alcohol...for some this is a real blow....I didn't think I could do it but the day I found out I was Hep C was the first day I took that step to stop drinking altogether.  It has now been a full year and I never looked back. Best to you and keep us posted on your diagnosis.
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too bad there are drs like that in practice, a real shame. He probably made Dr House look like Ghandi!  I would USE him as needed also, and discard IT when done. GL on the other appt.
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I was told I could have a couple a week while on treatment. Considering that I had Hep C for 10 years before diagnosed and 16 years before biopsy and treatment and drank almost daily for that time (we're talking one or 2 glasses of wine not heavy drinking) and had no liver damage maybe it is at the Dr's discretion according tothe amount of damage to the liver. While on treatement I had maybe 2 or 3 every couple of weeks and was clear at 12 weeks. Now I have a 3 month post coming up and maybe I'll be - or maybe + but who is to know if the few drinks had anything to do with the results.
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NATAP - http://www.natap.org

Daily cannabis smoking as a risk factor for progression of fibrosis in chronic hepatitis C

....we show a significant relationship between daily cannabis use and fibrosis progression in patients with ongoing CHC. We believe that patients with ongoing CHC should be strongly advised to abstain from daily cannabis use.....

July 2005
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If you have hepc, do not consume alcohol, tobacco, or cocaine.

If you work in an environment with exposure to chemicals, find out what they are and determine if you need a change in environment to protect your liver.

Do take steps to help yourself, good diet, exercise, and the such. You may have nutritional needs that change over time, so vitamin/mineral requirements are something to keep in mind.

The above is regardless of whether or not you treat now or later.

God Bless!   -Michael
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I think the best I ever heard it summed up was this....Alcohol is like Miracle grow in an infected liver.

My first doctor said that a glass of wine now and then would not hurt, but why take the chance ? I did tx to clear myself of this virus why in the world would I want to take the chance of anything affecting the results.

I was not a real big drinker before, sure I liked to go the bars like many others and would have loved to have a glass of wine many times during tx, but instead I just ordered sprite with cranbery and orange juice. I never had to quit drinking for any amount of time before my biopsy, but I know that my dad had to quit for 3 months before his. I guess it just depends on how much you drink.  

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Don't drink. Bottom line. Alcohol acts like fuel for the virus..it feeds it. Also it would be a better use of energy for your liver to fight the Hep C than to metabolize the alcohol.

I read an earlier post of yours. I hope you made out ok at the doctor today...contrary to a lot of the other postings to you I would like to remind you that in most cases Hepatitis C is a slow progressing disease, not always, but most often. Having to wait for a biopsy or deciding on treatment should not be a concern for you.  Use this time to read and learn all you can about this disease. Undoubtedly many questions will arise. I wish you good luck....Whoaisme (using Giddy's computer)
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Thanks for your comments!  I loved your 30 years of Budweiser!  I needed a laugh.  I am a glass a day wine girl.  I haven't had any since I found out I was positive.  Just wanted to see if different Dr.'s had different thoughts on it.  Figured that is what I would see!

Dr.'s visit yesterday didn't go to well.  I have to say he is the least favorite Dr. I have ever met!  Basicly, he insinuated a few thing, got me in full cry mode and I ended up in the bathroom heaving!  What a treat!.  

Well, I am going to use him to get all my tests run.  Ultrasound on Monday, Biopsy on Thursday and am doing lab work for retest of viral load {(doesn't believe it is 907)hope my insurance pays for it again after only two weeks}, geno type and check thyroid levels.  

I am still wanting to get in with Dr. Kwo.  I think that if the viral load comes back at around 907 again and liver damage is minimal, I will wait for treatment until I get into him!  My appointment has been moved up 20 days earlier already.  I am hoping it will move again a few times.

Thanks again to everyone!  You are all a wonderful load of information and experience which I believe is the best.

Wishing you all a day full of sunshine and smiles!
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