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Another Harvoni success story, this time it's me.

I'm happy to report to this amazing Community that I'm officially SVR12.

For reference:
Infected 1980
Genotype 1
Viral load at beginning of treatment: 180,000
Treatment naive
Biopsy 2008: stage 0 grade 1
Elastography 2015: stage 2, mild scarring
12 weeks Harvoni began 3/28/2015 (protocol was 8 weeks, insurance approved 12)
End of treatment: 6/19/2015
EOT: undetected
EOT + 12 week labs drawn on 9/21/2015
Liver function test all in low normal range

I was diagnosed with stage 3 chronic kidney disease with severe Proteinuria January 2015. My nephrologist suspected my HCV infection was the culprit. Had blood pressure that was off the charts, feet, ankle, and leg edema, and a host of other kidney related issues. My nephrologist was spot on. Today, my kidney disease is almost a thing of the past. Proteinuria is almost absent, have not had any edema since July, and my BP is pretty good for my age.

To all of those who are contemplating treatment, I hope success stories like mine inspire you to treat your disease before the bottom falls out. And realize that the bottom can fall out rapidly as your disease progresses as it did for me. To all of those who are currently treating, I wish for you the same SVR that I've attained.

The people that belong to this Community that take the time to help others are an amazing group of individuals and I hope the newcomers take a page from their book as they gain knowledge about this insidious disease so they can share their insight with others. I will look forward to reading more success stories here as I get used to my HCV-free life.

Thank you to everyone here for your support.

Peace, and keep the faith,

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Congrats. Cured and now everything else is falling into place.

Best to you.
I am so happy to hear your good news Marc, just thrilled, been away and just saw this. Enjoy your new life, Dee
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Wonderful news! Congratulations!  

I am glad your kidney disease is becoming a thing of the past and that you are feeling better.

Enjoy your new Hep C free life.  Best of luck going forward.
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That's great

6708370 tn?1471490210
I'm confused about the math but I have been a bit confused lately

I also finished treatment on June 16th

Labs done then and then 4 weeks later - in September - but my final 12 week draw is in December?

I guess we are using different start dates?

In any case, the Sept labs were undetected and I expect (hoping) that December labs will show undetected as well
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Marc this the greatest news!! So very happy for you. And really glad about kidney health as well!

Just awesome! Stay healthy my friend!

This is an incredibly wonderful community... wherever would we be without community!!

All blessings,
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Thank you everyone.

Linda, my hepatologist put in orders for SVR24 labs in early January 2016. He joked and said it is a carryover from the Interferon days...Maybe yours has the same mentality.

The statistics are heavily in our favor, in terms of not relapsing after a SVR12.

All the best.
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Woooo Hooooo! Love happy news. Congrats!
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Congratulations.  So great to hear that your other health issues have resolved so quickly.  Your post was lovely to read.  I'm awaiting 12 week labs.  All good so far at five weeks post-treatment.  Nice to be part of a miracle.  
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Wow! It is so great to hear when someone beats this thing. I am waiting with abated breath for my 12 wk EOT blood draw. Congrats.
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Thank you. It is a surreal feeling knowing that I've put this thing behind me.

And best wishes to you folks waiting on the 12 week labs.
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Ya Hoo.   Party time
Congrats Marc
Finally reaching the elusive freedom is overwhelming I'm sure
Happy for you
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You know it, Kim...Thanks!
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Great news about the kidneys!  Really happy for you!!!

Party on!!!
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Congratulations yay!
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Thanks, ladies!
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Sorry to be late to the party, but CONGRATULATIONS!!!  So glad to see another success story .... And life!


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Thank you, Pat! Hope you're well.
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Very well, thanks. Hubby has been ill, however, which has distracted me.  Thanks for asking.

Are you pretty much past the bad days/good days stage?

Hope so.  Pat
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They've been all good days. No complaints here at all.

Sorry to read your husband isn't well.
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Congrats on the SVR.
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It is wonderful news to read how your kidney related  issues have pretty much resolved since completing your HCV treatment. You really have dodged a bullet, my friend. You must be so thrilled to know this is behind you.
Congratulations! I'm happy for you.

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Thank you both! I did dodge the proverbial bullet, nan.
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