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Answer your ohone

Please mods dont delete this right away.
I was talking to a new friend of mine from here who was having the most god awful day. I never give out my phone but this person needed a friend. They called me but then stopped talking but I could hear them crying quietly.

I have caller I'd but they arent picking up. I can't call 911 I don't think and say someone know from online who lives in another state isnt answering my phone call.

Please, friend just let me know you are ok. I just don't know what to do. I don't want to make things worse for you.

I would post this on social but don't think they go there.

Sorry forum for the intrusion, I just don't want to over or under react. I will call again but hopefully they ill cheek this avenue soon.

Again, sorry guys... I just am at a loss.

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You must be worried sick. I hope this works out.
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i like your sincerity.  you're probably a great friend to have.  thanks for caring for a cyber friend.  belle
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Fingers crossed...  :(
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I hate this texting form but I hope my message gets through even though my one finger typing doesn't.

Please answer, please.
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I am commenting to hope you stay visible. It is awesome you are helping. To the person nygirl7 is talking to...please answer.
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good luck deb
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I have contacted Emily now for some help. She has grown into being not only a great mod but a good friend to us all. It's over my head ( which doesn't say much) but I honestly just don't know what to do. Do nothing and regret that, so something and regret that.

I just want to know they ok.  Even it's like being punked, id rather not take  the chance.

Oh contact one of us, even if not me, please!

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You are doing the right thing Deb.
Thank you for your concern and caring.

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Hey Deb,

Sorry you have to go through this. Hope it works out for the girl and you.

You tried your best to help. You can't call the police or anything else. I believe this would be crossing the line. Whatever happens you can't blame yourself.

This is exactly why I never connected with anyone outside the forums.  Believe me there were people I wanted to talk to (including you) but never went through with it.

Take care
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Thought about this all night....

Hoping things work out today!!!

Good Luck!!!
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Me too no word yet. I got so upset I had to go to sleep. But I kept the phone next to me. Maybe today.
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Bumping this up
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Seems she has been heard from and is ok.....
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Yes it can be deleted now.  I apologize for the intrusion into the forum but I just did not know what to do and was so worried for her.  I still am she is having a hard time but at least I know she is ok and just had put the phone down.

Thank you everyone for your love and concern, you are some great group of people - especially when you think about the fact you didn't even know who I was referring to and still...your hearts came right out.

That is why I love this forum!

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  Good for you Deb. going the extra mile for a cyber friend.
Thanks for your concern ..


BTW ..whats an  "ohone "  :0)

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Its dyslexic spelling of a Hawaiian fish.
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It's me frantically typing on the ipad with one finger while freaking out.  oooo-hone (y) LOL.

Came in to work today for a few hours gotta say man it's so much easier typing on a keyboard!
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You're an outstanding friend, cyber and otherwise.  
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Deb, you went above and beyond. That's a great kind of friend to have.
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So happy  to hear you reconnected with your friend, Deb, and your concerns are alleviated.

I had a 'cyber friend' visit Australia from West Virginia several years ago.  Sadly, she passed away while there from heart failure.  It was the efforts of several other online friends who passed the news on to others, then others.  It was a sad day, going to her funeral (I was living in VA at the time) and knowing that I'd never been able to meet her in person....  And meeting others that day who I'd never met before in person...

Sometimes it makes the heart glad to know that you aren't alone, even when you're alone.
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"Yes it can be deleted now.  I apologize for the intrusion into the forum but I just did not know what to do and was so worried for her."

No worries, or I should say glad you can stop worrying! lol  You never cease to amaze me.  Now relax Deb and have a great weekend, dang!! lol
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Wow.  I was going to give you a bump up to help this get seen.  So glad you heard back from her.  I have been in that situation with someone long distance.  It really is hard to tell what to do in that situation.

You did the right thing by putting it out to the group and to Emily.

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You are 100% right in this. 2 years ago are pastor killed him self and the carzy guy that lives next door . tryed telling . no one listen . you did right!!
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