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Anti hcv positive during pregnancy

Hi all .. I'm very shocked to hear the news about my anti hcv result 'reactive' which was done as a routine screening of my prenatal third trimester .it was also done in June which was 'non reactive ' ..so I did nothing different since that time and live a fairly very simple life..all the risk factors are absolutely zero in my life style..all I'm hoping is that it's false positive but still I'm yet to talk to my obs/gynae doctor to discuss it and see what he suggest to go further..i need your opinions about my situation..im so anxious and worried about it ..almost shocked ..I've never taken a sip of alcohol , no tattoo or drug use ,married to my husband  (the only one in my life ) ,No exposure to any kind of blood or infected needles..
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A positive antibody test does not mean you are currently infected with hep c it could only mean you were exposed at some time in the past. Hep c antibodies are not the virus they are made by your body in response to coming into contact with the virus. Antibodies are your own immune system working to fight off a virus.

To know if you are currently infected with hep c you need to have a test for the virus itself called something like the HCV RNA by PCR test. This test looks for the presence of the hep c virus.

You may have had a false positive but the only way to know is to have the HCV RNA test if that is not detected you do not have hep c.

Please discuss all this with your doctor

Good luck
Thank you so much for your reply ..yes my doctor ordered hep c RNA yesterday and now I'm waiting for the results .how long it will take to get results back .the guy at laboratory told me it will take w4-48 hours but I just called today to get updates and the girl there told me it will take 3-5 days ..
This waiting period is killing me.. I'm not able to take proper rest or eating at this time in my pregnancy.
I've never had any kind of surgery ,blood transfusion, drugs or needle pokes in my life .and since my previous test in June was non reactive, it's like a very big shock for me when I'm not even out of my home for the period when it came back reactive ..
do not worry you are ok its just the antibody.
Did you get your results back yet
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There are people who have no idea how they got hep c but the only way to know is wait for the viral load test results. Mine have usually taken 5 to 7 days to come back.

Good luck
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Hi all ,I got my results back for HCV RNA test and thank God ,It says "not detected " ..thank you all for your support..
I've one more question that do I need more follow up tests for hep C ..if yes what kind of test should be done and when is the appropriate time..
I do not have any kind of risk factors for exposure in my whole life ..but even it came back not detected, I still have anxiety about it that why screening test came back reactive.
Thanks again.
Ok just saw you have your results. The HCV RNA by PCR is definitive if you are not detected you do not have hep c no further testing is required.

Sometimes people get false positives.

Have a good life.
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Thank you. Yes that's a relief but I'm still concerned about reactive screening test and was thinking to redo screening test ..but afraid if it again comes back positive..
Kindly suggest me if you think I should go for it or not now .

My obs/gyn Dr said he's not concerned about it and he will advise to do it in my postpartum weeks for my peace of mind.
As I already said in my last comment

"The HCV RNA by PCR is definitive if you are not detected you do not have hep c no further testing is required. "

You do not require additional testing for hep c you do not have hep c.

The only reason to test would be if you have a blood to blood contact with hep c infected blood.

You may try positive for antibodies in the future because you have already tested positive for them, but antibodies are not the virus. Antibodies are made by your body in response to coming into contact with the virus antibodies are made by your body they are a part of your immune system.

I had hep c for 37 years but was cured with the new medicines. I test negative for the hep c virus on the HCV RNA by PCR test because the virus is gone and I am cured. But I will test positive for antibodies for the rest of my life because I was once infected.

I hope this clears this up for you

Be happy you are healthy.

Enjoy your soon to be here new little one
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