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Before treatment anger?

I am not sure if this has been asked before, but my husband has Hep C. They are doing a biopsy and have not administered any drugs. He refused the anxiety and depression drugs, calling them pill pushers (which hurt as I have PTSD and PAD and take those meds) but anyway... is it likely that he get anger before any treatment? And how angry... he picked up my son by his neck and threw him against the garage. My son is four foot seven and a hundred and five lbs. My husband is six-two and 270 and had leaned over and chest butted my son backing him up four stairs before he picked him up and did that... now if my son was fighting back then some tender areas would have been injured... but my son just hung there... I had to leave my husband and now he is angry that I chose someone over him. He is telling anyone and everyone who will listen that my son attacked him, that he has hated me for months, and so much other stuff, that I am lost as to the cause. We honestly were fine a week before the incident. At least I thought we were, and he was saying we were then... I just don't get it... can he have so much damage that he doesn't even need the medicine in him and have the anger?
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Wow your husband has some serious anger problems and it is not caused by Hep C. And if you let your son even be around him, Well I guess that's your business. I feel sorry for the child only.
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Hi I agree with Can-do, this is unacceptable behavior.
Not know the damage done to your husbands liver at this point, I wanted to mention.  People with cirrhosis sometimes get something called Hepatic Encephalopathy which causes them to act very strange and do things they would not normally do.  Before that their days and nights can get mixed up.

Not to make any excuses just trying to help.  Did your husband just find out he had HCV?  When I found out I went through a real crisis, I thought it was a death sentence because I had a friend who had it and watched her suffer with it.
For the first time in my life I got in to arguments with others who were not understanding of my terror at the diagnosis.
It took me a good 3 months before I could discuss it without crying.
I was very remorseful afterwards.  Is your husband?  Were you there when this happened with your son?

You had to leave, you had no choice, this is your son.

I hope you can find some help. Take Care, Dee
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A doctor does not need a biopsy to check for Hepatic encephalopathy. This is not hard at all to DX. A CBC and exam would tell a doctor if this is the case.
Exams and Tests

Signs of nervous system changes may include:
•Shaking of the hands ("flapping") when trying to hold arms in front of the body and lift the hands
•Problems with thinking and doing mental tasks
•Signs of liver disease, such as yellow skin and eyes (jaundice) and fluid collection in the abdomen (ascites)
•Musty odor to the breath and urine

Tests may include:
•Complete blood count or hematocrit to check for anemia
•CT scan of the head or MRI
•Liver function tests
•Prothrombin time
•Serum ammonia levels
•Sodium level in the blood
•Potassium level in the blood
•BUN and creatinine to see how the kidneys are working

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This incident should be reported to the police and this man should not be allowed around your son.

From your post it sounds like you (and your son) did leave your husband. This is necessary to protect yourself and your son. If you call the police or social services they should be able to put you in touch with support groups.

Your husband needs help. He has serious anger problems and is dangerous.

This does not sound like hepatic encephalopathy. Rather is sounds like serious anger management  issues.  

I hope you can get some help.
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What your asking is an answer to domestic violence and child abuse.

  Returning your son to this environment is child abuse on your part.  Your son comes before your husband.   Its really doesn't matter why he has done this.  What matters that he "did" pick your son up by his head and threw him against the garage door.  Your son could have been seriously injured.  This isn't a hepatitis C issue.   Its an abuse issue.

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Everyone is right on.  This is not liver related.  Don't let him make excuses that this is somehow a sign of liver disease.  It is NOT!  I'm sorry but he's a
#%+£€¥># and a sorry excuse for a man.  If anyone did this to my son, you don't want to know what I would do.  You need to stay away from this man.  
Call the police and have him put Into jail where he belongs.
I'm so sorry that you are in this situation, but you MUST stay strong and be there for your child.
Enough said.
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I must agree with everyone and everything that has been posted. To lash out on a child that absolutely cannot defend himself against a man that size is reprehensible. I'm sorry but he is not a man he is a TICKING TIMEBOMB AND A BULLY.  he should be grown enough to take the appropriate steps and do some research about this disease, who knows it may not be as bad as it seems to him. HCV is not a death sentence.  I'm not sure how he contracted the virus but maybe, just maybe he is angry at himself,  I don't know. In any case as everyone has said before and sorry to repeat, keep away from him. As someone who has gone thru your experience there might not be a happy ending if it continues on.
My heart goes out to you and your son, above all be safe WP
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