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Can I get Hepatitis C from getting a tattoo?

I got a tattoo in not the most sterile situation, the needle and grip was new and the guy wore gloves but it the workspace wasnt covered with plastic or the gun

do you think i can get any hepatitis from this?
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yes i can get it from this?
Yes.  You can get Hepatitis C from a tatoo needle.
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Is the tattoo shop a US licensed facility? Do they have an autoclave to clean the tools and do they put the ink in a small container and throw away the excess or do they get the die directly from the container and use the same container on multiple customers?

If proper best safe practices are not performed the facility would lose their health license. If they are unlicensed and do not conform to best practices yes there is a risk.

If concerned wait 12 weeks and have a hepatitis c antibody test. If you test positive for antibodies a second test that tests for the hepatitis c virus in your blood stream to confirm if you are currently infected. This test is called HCV RNA by PCR.
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Yes it's licensed, they have an autoclave and the ink container is small/plastic thing and everything is tossed out when they are done

the only thing that scared me is not having plastic on the table just a medical bib that would slide around and his glove would touch the table, but he says he cleaned the table off after every customer
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Well then I wouldn’t worry too much but if you want to be tested in 12 weeks nothing like peace of mind of this troubles you
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so you think i shouldn't stress over this? Thank you very much flyin the first person scared the sh*t out of me tbh
If they are a licensed facility in the US following best practices I wouldn’t worry. When I’ve had tattoos they did have plastic over the gun but not on the table.

They just use paper at your doctors office.

The concern is having hepatitis c infected blood enter your blood stream so in the setting of a tattoo shop you would be worried about the needles being reused or the ink being used between costomers.
The first person to respond was accurate you can contract hep C from a tattoo needle. Just depends if they are following best practices or not
ok then my situations were the same as yours then and if u think i wont get diseases from that then i'll trust you that i'll be fine! thank you lynn! helped me so much
As long as they don’t reuse ink or needles without cleaning you are not at risk
saw the new needle and grip being put on, he grabbed new plastic ink containers and poured it from the bottle into it
Sounds good that is where the risk comes from. Double dipping into the ink containers transferring blood from one person to another or an unclean needle. Surfaces aren’t much of an issue
yeah the ink container was new, he didnt handle it with gloves when he brought over new ones though, does that matter? thank u!!
Do you think blood from a person infected with hepatitis c could have entered your blood stream in this manner? With him touching the outside of a new container when he had worn gloves with his previous client really seems like a huge streatch of the imagination to envision hep c infected blood entering your blood stream in this manner.

Highly doubtful in any event but if you have lingering concerns then have the hep c antibody test in 12 weeks then you will know if this event or anything else ever in your life previously exposed you to hep c
yeah, you're right, i'm probably fine.

And i've taken a Hep C test 3 years ago which was negative
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Well your probably ok then but if this troubles you you can get tested in 12 weeks for peace of mind good luck
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Don’t know why that double posted I didn’t see my first reply

Anyway good luck
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