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Can I get hepatitis C due to below act


Please help me out, I used to check sugar level with my kit. Needle got over, so I reused the same needle four times to check my sugar level at home. Somebody told me that I should not reuse the same needle. He said that I should check for hiv and Hp C. Please team help me out with the answer. I am only person using this needle.
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You cannot give yourself a virus you do not have. In order to transmit hepatitis c you would need to have hepatitis c infected blood enter your bloodstream.

Found this info:

“ What are the risks involved in reusing needles?
Reusing insulin pen needles could increase the following:

Bacterial growth on the needle
Likelihood of experiencing pain when injecting
Risk of lipohypertrophy (lumpy skin) occurring
Risk of the very fine tip of the needle breaking off
The risks of the above will grow with each re-use.

Re-use of needles and bacterial growth
A study carried out at the Moscow Regional Research Clinical Institute found that bacteria were present after injections had been completed and that bacterial growth on needles increased with further re-use.

Bacteria found on the needles was mainly bacteria found naturally on skin (staphylococcus epidermidis). Whilst this form of bacteria is usually harmless, re-use of needles could increase the risk of contamination of more harmful bacteria.

Re-using insulin needles and pain
The fine tip of needles can become slightly distorted with re-use and this can increase the chance of experience pain whilst putting the needle in or taking the needle out.

If you are experiencing pain when withdrawing the needle, this could well be caused by distortion to the tip of the needle.”
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