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Chronically High Eosinophils

Anyone have chronically high eosinophils and Hepatitis C?

I've been tested for parasites.  Clean.  I do have allergies but not asthma or even bad allergies.  

It's very curious and every doctor I've ever had has dismissed it as unimportant.  If so, why's on a CBC?

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Yes I do, and even after treatment and undetected 12.7
How high is yours ?
Of course I do have hypothyroid-auto immune issues-primary Bilary  Cirrhosis -allergies - asthma, but no one every explained it to me ?
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Started treating 2 weeks ago with Sovaldi and Riba:
(2 week blood test results):

eosinophils:  9%,  range of (0 - 5%).  
absolute eosinophils: 0.5   range of (0.0 - 0.4 10E3/ul)

They were much higher before I began treatment and I'm hoping they will normalize if I can get my holy grail - SVR.

I had a major work-up prior to starting treatment.  No auto-immune diseases detected.  As I've mentioned before, I do have food allergies, leaky gut and IBS, but I've had this weird eosinophils issue for longer.

Do you know how long your have been high?  I have my blood results dating back to 1995.  

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Hi there! I did a search and found people discussing.  I am sorry that I don't have any answer.  It is possible that your doctor is not worried because he is looking at the body as a whole.  I had very high neutrophils at one point during HCV tx and the doctor was not concerned as he felt it was the tx that was doing it so waited til after I finished tx.  All my levels normalize, I hope this thread can help you.  You can also click on magnifying glass at top of page and search for other information,  You could try "high eosinophilus 2014" to get most recent information, good luck :) Dee

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I know that this was not an issue that most of the posters here had dealt with but I thought I'd follow up in case anyone googles it in the future...

@4week I got my UND status and my eosinophils were back in normal range after 35+ years of abnormal, and have continued to be so at every following blood draw so for me, this marker (eosinophils) was indeed related somehow to my HCV.

Weird because all of my doctors have dismissed a connection.
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I received my bloodwork at EOT12, and my eosinophils #s were crazy.   Prior and during treatment they were normal!   Actually talked to my hematologist    
(Diseases of the blood doctor) and he said it means nothing that they can go up and down for no reason.   Was concerned, and he said don't even give it a 2nd thought.  Wanted to let you know that in case it happens again.
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Me too, I alwYs had high EOS
But after tx, and EOT, still UD 8 weeks done
My EOS 19
Crazy high, when to allergist arm blew up from testing, had to take Benadryl and cortisone, allergy so bad
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Thanks for the follow-up.

Ok, so I guess I'm not out of the woods :(  I still don't understand why the EOS is on the CBC if it's not important.  As I said before, a chronically high result usually means allergy or parasite, neither of which I have.

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Thanks V, now I remember ( boy am I out of it
Well my EOS are now 25
Higher than ever
I cleared HCV and am hep c free
But they keep climbing

Seeing primary md tomorrow and hepatologist Friday

I do have asthma and allergies, I read that a very rare side effect of my inhaler advair can cause high EOS

So rone on another hep c line also mentioned to me there is a relationship between high EOS and herd/acid reflux, so I I'll look into that too !

So your are normal now though yes?
Xo ch
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