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Contagious with hepatitis C

Is it true that if you started  treatment for hepatitis c, it is not possible  to transmit the hep c virus to others?
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Just to add once your are more than 12 weeks post treatment and the virus remains not detectable this is considered cured. You will always test positive for hepatitis c antibodies but you will test negative for the virus. Once cured you no longer have the virus so you cannot transmit hep c to anyone. You cannot transmit a virus you do not have.

Best of luck
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If the virus is not detectable in your blood which if you have a blood test at four weeks of treatment is generally the case your risk of transmission is very low. Not detectable does not Necessarily mean that the virus is completely gone. It only means that the virus is below detectable levels for the test. But it does mean that you have very few to no virus particles remaining in your bloodstream which is why the risk of transmission is very low.

Hep c is not generally considered to be a sexually transmitted virus. While there is a risk for those who have multiple sex partners or for those who engage in rough sexual practices or in the presence of HIV, people who are in long term monogamous relationships are not suggested by the CDC they have a need to use barrier protection ie condoms as the risk for such couples is very low to almost non existent.

Hep c is a blood born virus transmitted primarily by sharing IV drug  paraphernalia between drug users or having a blood transfusion prior to 1992 When testing for the hepatitis C virus was developed and the blood supply secured.

Hepatitis C virus is not spread by sharing eating utensils, breastfeeding, hugging, kissing, holding hands, coughing, or sneezing. It is also not spread through food or water.

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Hi what is best time for hcv test? I had a exposure someone accidentally touch me in my arm with blood on hand, No actively bleeding in my arm that time,  do i have a risk, Do i need a test?
“what is best time for hcv test?”

For the hep c antibody test you should wait for at least 12 weeks to make sure enough hep c antibodies have developed to detectable levels. If a patient has HIV or other immune deficiency it can take up 6 months to develop enough antibodies to rise to detectable levels.

“someone accidentally touch me in my arm with blood on hand”

Does this person have hep c? No infection is possible if they do not have the virus.

“No actively bleeding in my arm that time”

Hep c infected blood must enter the blood stream of an uninfected person it cannot enter through intact skin.

“do i have a risk?”

Not unless the person has hep c and their infected blood entered your blood stream so from what you have described, no, you had no risk.

“Do i need a test?”

See previous response no risk therefore no test needed
Theres a available treatment already for hep c?  
There has been treatment since the late 1990’s  shots of interferon but it was only effective for about 30% of patients.

However, beginning in 2014 a new class of meds for treating hep c called  Direct acting antivirals  (DAA’s) were beginning to be approved which are about 98% or  better at eradicating the hep c virus and effectively curing hep c.

I was diagnosed in 1989 with hep c threaten 3 times with interferon based treatments to no avail. I was finally cured with one of the new DAA’s called Harvoni.

You may have seen commercials on television for Harvoni or Epclusa they are a two of the half dozen or so new meds for treating and curing hepatitis C.

Fortunately, you aren’t at risk with the exposure you described so not a problem you will need to worry about.
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