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Continuous rising of viral load, almost normal ALT

Hi everyone,
I have a chronic hepaitis C genotype one (since 1976) but detected about 10 years ago - in the meantime I had two treatments with ribavirin and interfeeron (once for 48 wks and once for 18months). I reacted quickly and was negative, but as soon as I stopped the treatment I relapsed.
So I guess I am not really motivated to go through this torture again.
My ALT are not very elevated, but lately my viral load is shooting up and my alpha2 macroglobulin is elevated.
The fibrotest always comes out as F3-4 but my biopsy said it was just an F2! I am told that the fibrotest is not really reliable ... but it is consistent!
I feel pretty tired and my joints are killing me ... my hepatologist urges to try the new treatments - any ideas???
thank you for your responses
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If you are a prior non-responder and/or have relapsed, the Sovaldi with Olysio +-  Ribavirin might be approved. Check with your doctor.  They should have an idea if your insurance will cover it.   I just started this therapy, and it is a total piece of cake in comparison to the interferon/riba. Also the SVR is very high for many genotypes.  There are also new combinations scheduled to be released later this year.  Good luck, hope the best for you.
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     havnt been around for awhile.  can geno 1, tx experienced get the sovaldi/int/riba tx now.  olysio/ sovaldi off label seems to get approval for patients that are advanced liver damage.  
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        hi beatrice,  i also responded very well to int/riba, only to relapse after stopping tx.  my 3rd time, adding a DAA(incivek) to the mix, was fatal to those virii.  you now have OPTIONS.  GOOD OPTIONS!!!!

best of everything to you, and see ya in the winners circle
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The new treatment has a high success rate.   The last treatments you went through were Ribivirin and interferon.  The success rate of those two drugs was like 50% at best.  You are at stage 2 when people should start treatment without waiting anymore.   What pooh and Nan are saying is very good advice.   If it was me I would treat now without further delay.  I did and now Hepatitis C free.  Some lingering aches and pains but mostly gone.  No more fatigue.   Great improvements in treatment have been made since your last treatment.  This is a very good time to take advantage of the advancement in Hepatitis C Treatment.  My hair even looks better : ).

Best to you
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How long ago was the biopsy? If it was recently done, it is probably the most accurate result.

I agree with pooh.  Follow the advice of your hepatologist.  Treatment is for a shorter time now and much higher cure rates. With Sovaldi, you will likely be undetected by week 4 (vast majority do) stopping further damage to your liver.

I can't blame you for how you feel. Try to keep your eye on the prize - SVR!
That may motivate you to give it another try. It'll be well worth it.
12 weeks = 3 months   You can do it!


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If it was me I would follow the Hepatologist's advice and try the new treatment.

The new treatment (if he is talking about Sofosbuvir, Ribavirin, and Interferon for 12 weeks only)  is very effective and has a very high SVR rate. Your chances are excellent that you will attain SVR.

It is quite possible that your fatigue and the joint problems are from the Hepatitis C.  If the fatigue and joint problems are from the Hep C, then if you eradicate the Hepatitis C, the fatigue and joint problems may very well disappear.  

Again, I would follow the advice of the Hepatologist.

Best of luck.

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