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DRAGON is back & digestive sys.

well i guess u can tell by the title that my virus came back.  bummer big time.  treated for one year.  i dont think i got the study drug either. so to plan b i go.....has anyone had digestive problems from tx.  this may not be related but about 3 months after tx, my belly sounds like a small thnuderstorm after i eat. i feel great, but i can hear the digestive system working.  any opinions???
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Dang, I'm sorry to hear you have not yet reached SVR.  I have all kinds of other problems, but no digestive problems to report on this end.

Good luck with your plan b.  :)
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Really sorry to hear about the relapse.

I finished tx 4 months ago and had pretty bad digestive problems for some time afterwards - still flare up every now and then. I found that cutting out almost all sugar has helped a lot. See if that and a healthier diet makes any difference.
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Lorenzo, just wanted to say I'm sorry you relapsed.  I hope you were on the placebo arm of whatever trial you were on and can retreat with the new drugs.  
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sorry to hear the bad news. does the trial you were in offer the real study drug if you didn't get it? hang in there, if not for anything else you did give your liver a break for a year while treating
Wishing you the best
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I'm so sorry. Stay hopeful for better drugs down the road. They're coming soon.
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OH damn Lorenzo I am SO sorry this happened.  Such a gamble being in a trial but I too hope that you did not get the PI and still can retreat with it and succeed.  God I'm just so sorry.

Lots of people have digestive issues during and after treatment......have you asked your GI about it there are all sorts of new meds on the market maybe one of them can help with that at least?

Good luck, again we're all just so sorry.  It totally *****!
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I am so sorry about your relapse - I hate hearing this!
Regarding your digestive issues, it sounds like this may dissolve on it's own. However, a visit to your GI might be a good idea anyway.
Keep your chin up!
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What happened!That really stinks.You were doing so fine. When did you relapse? Did you find out which arm you had? It must have been the placebo since you did 48.When will they give you all your results?
Stay in touch,
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Very sorry that you relapsed.  With the new drugs coming, you will get to SVR - it's just a matter of time.
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I am so sorry to hear your news but as others have mentioned I sure hope you got placebo and they will roll you over into a study with the actual drug.

As to the digestive problems, I have the same problem and I'm about 9 months eot, was starting to wonder what was going on.  I have also noticed it is exacerbated by sugar and chocolate.  Must admit to finding it very difficult to cut out the sugar as I have a very sweet tooth.

I do wish you the best going forward, I am positive you will ultimately beat the dragon especially as you clearly responded to SOC.

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Oh no! I'm so sorry you relapsed!

Sending warm thoughts your way.

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OMGosh Lorenzo...I am so sorry to hear of your relapse. When did you find out?  I thought we were close in our timng and I go for my 6 month on the 17th.  

Our trial didn't have an arm that got telaprevir and went 48 weeks, so I'm confident that neither one of us got the real deal which is good news as far as developing resistance to PI's. Unfortunately, they're not offering us a roll-over either, tho.   What the heck is up with that.

I am so very sorry....sending you study buddy (((((HUGS)))))

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i just want to thank everyone for there nice comments. i get tears in my eyes and just right now want to give everybody a hug. it was tough going thru this, in the middle of tx a staff infection developed also over this. IM ok now. and tks again to all. We have to keep plugging away... LORENZO2
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I am so very sorry to hear of your news.  As others have said hopefully you get into another trial with the real deal.

As for the digestive issues.....I went thru different issues and it turned out to be chronic gastritis diagnosed by endoscope.  Perscribed perscription prilosec which did the trick.  Oh, BTW coffee was a big factor in my issues.

Good Luck
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