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Does "Not Detected" = UND?

Yes or No?

Here is a cut and pate from my week 12 labs:

HCV Not detected
HCV log10

Unable to calculate result since non-numeric result obtained for component test.


I have asked this before and while there were many responses there was not a definitive answer. It seemed odd given the level of experience and expertise here on the forum. I am embarrassed I am the only one who asks this and I uncertain what I am missing.

I have read the Incivek Treatment Furtility Rules many times and I love the cool charts for both "Treatment Duration" as well as "Rules for all Patients." Nevertheless I am still at a loss as to whether I am UND or not.

Look, here is everyone's response from last time.

I hate to come off like an OC person who repeatedly asks ridiculous questions that border offensive or annoying however it just bugs me that so many folks say they are UND at 12 weeks and I am still not. At the risk of sounding childish, I want a test that says UND like everyone else. IF that is indeed the case, that is.
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OK I am over this topic. I will get a life now.

My husband just sent me an email that said:

The HCV Log10…unable to calculate is, as a response on a forum said, like a computer program trying to divide by zero…it gives a non-numeric error or the largest possible meaningless number it can hold.

That part about "a forum" cracked me up. He said I ought to check it out since there are a lot of posts that say, "12 Week Labs no detected, Woo hoo."

How is that for irony.
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when I was finally UND test said not detected

Really? That is encouraging. Thanks for posting.

Oh, I fully intend to ask the doctor once again however I am curious why ***everyone else's lab results say "UND" ****and mine do not.

As I said, I realize it sounds petulant; I just don't get it since we are probably all using the same lab test.
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Below is a copy of my advice then and it is the same now... it seems you did not take it seriously for some reason
The test the way I read it means that you were UND.  However what did your doctor say?  He is the one that needs to interpret these tests correctly
.If he is unsure demand that he contact the lab for clarification. That is his job and why he is being paid.

These tests are far to important not tot have concise and quick exact interpretation by the professionals that are paid to inform us correctly..
Best to you..

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I would take that to mean UND.

As I said before I had 3 test come back Det but below limit of quantification at wks 4, 5 and 6 when I was finally UND test said not detected

Test was lower limit of quantification of 43 and lower limit of detection of 7.1

If you are still not sure I would call the lab for clarification
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