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Dragon_Killer after 92 weeks


Sittin' here at home I'm lookin' back on where I've roamed
And laughing how I swore I'd win and not get burned
Left my family
Left my home
I worked my fingers to the bone
And there was not a stone I did not leave unturned
And I was havin' no good time
Roll on Roll on Roller Coaster
We're one day older and one step closer
Roll on there's mountains to climb
Roll on we're on borrowed time
Roll on Roller coaster
Roll on tonight
Roll on tonight yeah
no pain no success
I don't complain about the stress
I wanted SVR and now it's here
So I don't *****
And I swear that time's the trick
It disappears in oh so quick
Man I was just twenty
And now I'm starin' at fifty-one
But I'm still havin' a good time
Roll on Roll on Roller Coaster
We're one day older and one step closer
Roll on there's mountains to climb
Roll on we're on borrowed time
Roll on Roller coaster
Roll on tonight
Roll on tonight
And I know it's hard to see with the sun in your eyes
But one day you're gonna say I saw the light
And now headin' for the hill
And I just cannot wait until
My children grow up to have children of their own
And I'll be telling them about
The times I turned the party out
And how I stood against the virus all alone
Drinkin' water and stayin' high
And realized it wouldn't last
And how I turned myself around
And went down another path
And the signs we must observe
When life's changes do occur
But most of all I'll tell them
Just how proud I am of them
And always have a good time
It's all love and good times
Let's all have a good time Yeah
Roll on Roll on Roller Coaster
We're one day older and one step closer
Roll on there's mountains to climb
Roll on we're on borrowed time
Roll on Roller coaster
Six months negative tonight
SVR is allright
SVR is allright
SVR is allright
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yippee, let me be the first to congratulate you!!!

you have crossed from a deer in the headlights to a light at the end of the tunnel that isn't a steamroller....feels pretty dog gone good doesn't it!!!

I beat cancer 15 yrs ago, and that "all clear" news is hard to beat.
Hope you have someone to celebrate with !!!!

mb (@wk77)
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Welcome home drofi! Your journey has been a long and difficult one. It does the soul good to see another one slay the dragon. Best of luck to you!
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Congratulations on your wonderful news!
I am thrilled for you.
Stay well,
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Congratulations, Drofi. You fought so long and hard. Feels good, huh?

All my very best wishes,

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Congratulations! Great news after a long fought battle.

May the healing continue.........Pam

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The Friday Night Fight winner stands victorious!!!  I am so happy for you, my friend.  Well done.

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And a hearty congratulations from me as well, Drofi! I treated for 96 consecutive weeks and got SVR in January of this year. Way to go—

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I remember when you just started your tx, Im am so glad to hear of your  wonderful news, i am also 2yrs svr, Thank the Lord....Great poem.....

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Congratulations on your wonderful news!!!
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You are another tx hero in this battle!!! Congratulations!!!!

I wish you a beautiful hepc c free life!!!!

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Congratulations! I'm curious how you picked the 92 weeks number.
412873 tn?1329174455
Congratulations!  Great News!!

Great song, too.

248382 tn?1274938634
Terrific news!  And thank you for the song!  Your news and the song made my day! Jen
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I am so very happy for you! You did it! Perserverance beat the virus! This is good news for everybody else who is/was detectable but not quantifiable at week 24. Enjoy your virus free life!

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Ich gratulieren ihnen!!!!


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92 weeks?!  you're SVR already!  WAAAAAHOOOO!!!!
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Ilene here 1b tx 24 wks. I'm sooo happy for you! you are really a great inspiration for me right now. I just spent a week and a half in hosp. They didn't know what to do to with me. I couldn't keep anything down. They took me complete off tx Igo back to Dr on 30th. It was hell but I'm home weak but your note has made me uplifted. I have no family support. The day I get home from hosp they told me is all I do is feel sorry for myself. So your SVR gives me hope to look forward and say "in your face". Probably a couple of other things thats if I ever see them again.
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I wasn't here at the beginning of the journey, but am honored to celebrate at your big finish line.   Congratulations :-)
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Congratulations on your wonderful news! Time for the happiest dance of a lifetime!
Wish you a free life now!
Be well.

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thank you very much for your congratulations. I am happy, yes I am. To be negative in week 26 was not a good start. Today I have liver enzymes in the lower normal rang, my thrombos went upto 204.000 again, and PCR (<12IU/ml) is negative.
Perhaps Arase et al. are on the right way indeed? Well, one single case (me) without a control is no evidence, but another hint.
My deep solidarity is with all of you, who still have to fight.

Best wishes, drofi

Arase et al., Inter Med 47: 1301-1307, 2008
The aim of this study was to determine the suitable treatment period in patients who achieve virological
response during combination therapy of peginterferon and ribavirin for chronic hepatitis C virus infection.
Methods: Inclusion criteria were HCV-genotype 1b, serum HCV RNA level of
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Congratulations. Well deserved! Not sure if he mentioned "Arase", but Dieterich did comment in the professional forum to someone (maybe you not sure) about continuing on past week 24 if still detectible as long as they got truly UND fairly soon and added on I believe 48 weeks. Obviously you weighed the risk versus rewards of such an approach and thankfully you have that SVR. Enjoy it.

-- Jim
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Really happy for you.

More evidence is accruing that treating for 44 weeks or so past UND is getting good results.

Anecdotal evidence is still evidence drofi.

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Congratulations, Herr Drofi - truly a remarkable feat. If I had a hat to take off in your honor, I most certainly would. As far as I can remember, which isn't that far, you are the 1st SVR with VL at w24 since I've been on this board.

And I think you're absolutely right about Arase; newbies  routinely ask how Drs came up with 24 and 48w. Determining tx duration from evidence seems such a duh-concept it's really remarkable it's just surfacing now (the trouble with Drusano was that it was based on retrospective statistical modeling of standard-length tx).

Anyway, you're free now - enjoy!
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