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Genital rub hepatitis C

Hi all,
3 months ago, I went to a massage centre with a girl from Thailand.. she gave me genital rub, basically her vagina was rubbing on my penis without condom no insertion took place.
Recently my girlfriend was tested for STDs for Visa purposes and the result was everything negative except high HCV antibodies, the doctor called us saying that there must have been a mistake in lab or something so she went back to do test again. Expecting results tomorrow. I believe they will also do hcv pcr test.
Now I'm really concerned if this could be due to that incident I had.
Please help can hcv be transmitted if there is an infected person performs genital rubbing only without insertion.
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If  she was bleeding even a little bit, as at the end of a period, she can transmit HepC.
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Bleeding is blood coming from the blood stream menstrual blood does not come from the blood stream. And while there is some evidence there maybe some hep c virus in menstrual blood again this blood nest then enter the blood stream of an uninfected person through an open wound (an open wound is a wet fresh bleeding injury)

To put this in perspective even if a health care worker  should experience an accidental needlestick involving a patient with known hepatitis C the odds of transmission are only 1.8% So obviously your odds in this situation would be  significantly less.

You don’t know if she had hep c or even if she was having her period you are just  asking hypothetically. Plus I expect you had no open fresh actively bleeding injuries on your genitals as you would likely have noticed this. Also, any hep c infected blood would somehow have to be pushed into your blood stream. And even if all that happened your odds are still less than the odds for the healthcare worker.

If you continue to have concerns, get tested then you will know. Otherwise all we can do here is wild guess. There is no way to quantify your odds with the information available except to say they are likely very low.

If you have been tested for antibodies and are negative there are two things we do know:

1 You do not have hep c
2 If you don't have hep c you could not have transmitted a virus you do not have to your gf.
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Hep c is a blood borne virus. Hep c infected blood must enter the blood stream of an uninfected person.
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Thank you so much for your answer

So is there risks in the scenario stated above ?
Does the sex worker have hep c? Was she actívele bleeding and if so did any blood enter a fresh open wet weeping wound in your body?

As this happened a while ago have you been tested for hep c antibodies? If you don’t have hep c you have nothing to transmit.

I would think your gf is only having the HCV RNA by PCR test as there is zero reason to repeat the hep c antibody test that test was already done and the result is known.

Hep c is not considered to be an STD while there is some risk of sexual transmission this risk is greatest for those with multiple sex partners or who engage in rough sexual practices ie BDSM or practices involving blood letting. For long term monogamous couples the risk is thought to be near zero.
Indeed true. None of these things happened, and yes we can't even be certain that she was massage girl was hcv positive.. never had multiple partners that was my first visit to a massage centre and it was only genital rubbing.... with regards to the test my girlfriend did and why are they repeating it. Well from what I understood from the doctor was that the result was in the borderline high but it didn't cross the borderline, I dont know if that makes sense.
If it was borderline but not above the line and even if slightly above she is very very likely not infected. By the way the score on the antibody test  is SCO 1.0 (SCO is signal to cutoff ratio).

I doubt her Hep c antibody test result will change
And if the antibody test was not above the line then the test is negative. So really no additional testing was probably needed but this is just my guess as I haven’t seen her results nor am I a medical professional I’m just a patient who had Hep c for 37 years who reads a lot
Thanks alot again for your kindness and responses. Means alot.
The funny thing is they gave us all the results for other STDs which turned negative  and didnt give us the HCV as they said they have to do it again, why put us in this state of anxiety I dont understand, all they said was dont panic it's all good we just need to do it again as the results showed borderline high.

But I'm now much calmer , I cant  thank you enough.
Hi there, the tests came out today and you were quite right, the results remain the same. The result was 3.4 which I think is considered high but the dr said this is still considered unlikely she is positive as its below 5 but still RNA pcr is needed to confirm...
In your opinion would antihcv s/co if 3.4 be more leaning towards positive hcv??
Thank you again
Also I dont know why they keep saying that 3.4 is borderline to me that's above the borderline which is 1.0
Well it depends on the scale of the test being used the one I’m most familiar with is SOC 1.0 but apparently the test they are using has a different scale so below 5.0

As I thought there was little to be gained by re doing the antibody test at this point the only test that will provide any worthwhile information is the HCV RNA by PCR test or similar that looks for the presence of the actual virus. That test usually takes a bit longer to come back mine used to take a week to 10 days to receive results.
I don’t have any opinion about a score of 3.4 I am not a medical testing microbiologist. My opinion is wait for the HCV RNA test then you will know guessing is pointless
Yeah, you already guessed earlier that the labs will likely return the same.
Overall I have been reading some interesting publications that suggested anything less than 3.8 can have higher chance of false positive as it showed on the labs that after PCR was performed it was false positive. I also read that sometimes this can happen due to cross reactivity such as with influenza A virus, I dont know if you came across such studies.
But yeah we will do the PCR test to have conclusive answer.
The doctor also told me that I dont need to do the test at all as hcv is not considered an std so no need to panic
Basically pretty much what I  have been saying
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