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HCV Antybody weak positive & PCR Negetive

Hello All, I am anti body (Weekly positive) in 2007 and still getting the same until now. PCR always negative maybe 5 times. Liver in a normal condition.

My wife is ok and clear from HCV & My son born in 2012 and he is the same.

Doctors said I am cured but still I am worried. Do I have repeat PCR ? From time to time?
Please help me

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It appears that you were at one time exposed to the Hepatitis C virus and cleared it on your own. About 20% of people do clear the visrus on their own. They no longer have Hepatitis C (although they will always have a positive antibody). You have a negative PCR, which means you do not have Chronic Hepatitis C. You do not have to keep getting tested. The only way you will get Chronic Hepatitis C is if you get exposed to the Hepatitis C virus again and get infected again. However, because you were exposed at some point in your life, you will always test positive for the antibodies even though you do not have Hepatitis C.

So you do not have to keep getting tested. You do not have Hepatitis C. Best wishes for the future.
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some times, anti bodies test leads to wrong or cross reaction based on some similar anti bodies in the blood for other virus , maybe cold or flu, or some proteins in the blood.

as long as ur  PCR is negative,  i dont think u have the virus  because its more specific  to the virus and its  DNA  rather than the anti body test.

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Doctors said I am cured but still I am worried.
Congratulations on your successful therapy and your doctor is correct

Will ,
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Thank you all :) I wish you all be fine and enjoy life with your love ones.

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Hi again,

I am thinking to do RIBA test for my case. Any idea about the cost in your countries? Because RIBA Test is not avilable in mine.

Maybe During my holiday I will do it.

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If you're undetectable, there's no virus to eradicate.  

HCV antibodies DO NOT EQUAL HCV active virus!

Why would you take these terrible drugs?  Riba is no walk in the park!!

In the future if you expose yourself via risky behavior (i.e., by exchanging blood, etc.) get retested.  Better yet, don't expose yourself...
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With 5  Neg. PCR's done the " RIBA TEST"(Recombinant ImmunoBlot Assay ) is not at all necessary and totally redundant..

You do not have HCV and pssibly time to move on...

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haha, I thought RIBA meant Ribavirin!
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Thank you for your enteraction, I think you got me worng.
Riba is a HCV Antibody test its not a drug

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Its ok bro and thanks for your advice.
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