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HCV Genotype and Antibody levels- help & treatments?

Hep C Genotype 2B
HCV antibody-( Reactive):  29.40

What does either or both of these mean?

What treatments are available for those with Genotype 2B?
Any side effects? (Meds used to combat side effects?  Ex.  I currently take Adderall for fatigue and tx resistant depression—is this a med commonly used for Hep C tx fatigue?)

I have an appointment with a leading Hep C treatment center on May 1, 2018 but I’m nervous and hoping to learn a bit and/or hear about personal experiences with treatment to calm my anxiety and feel more prepared for my appointment

Thanks so much!
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There are about 16 genotypes of hep c. They have names like 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b etc....

Think of them like different variation on the same basic virus.

There are several treatments available for genotype 2 your doctor will decide which to use. Also your insurance may limit your choice of which specific treatment is in your insurance formulary.

The meds approved for treating hep c in the last few years are very effective at treating hep c with cure rates approaching 99%. Most people have few side effects the most commonly reported are some mild headaches. The headaches can be helped by keeping properly hydrated. The old 8 glasses for fluids,  8 ounce size daily or a bit more.

There are some who complain of more side effects but this is much less common so it is much more likely you really won’t notive anything much.

I had hep c for 37 years and was diagnosed with cirrhosis after I had been infected for 30 years. I treated with the old meds but they did not work.

Because of my history I treated with Harvoni and another drug ribavirin for 24 weeks. The ribavirin make most people anemic so this made me a little tired but basically I felt fine. Working full time and even took a short vacation to Italy walking all over while I was treating.

My suggestion is try not to worry more people talk themselves into having side effects they otherwise would not have.

Expect good things.

Good luck
The one test is an antibody test thisonly means you were previously exposed to hep c. Another test you should have is the HCV RNA by PCR test which looks for the actual virus in your blood. This test will provide your viral load which is how many copies of the virus are in each mL of your blood.
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