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Healing pre-treatment

Turns out my viral load, and the fact that I have no cirrhosis means that my insurance won't pay for Harvoni. I've stopped drinking (didn't do much, anyway) and I take pretty good care of myself. Can the liver heal itself in tha situation, even though I still have hep c? Barring that, I'm hoping Medicare will pick up the costs or the cost of the drug will become more manageable; it's a little frustrating to not be able to jump right on this, now that there is an "easy" cure.
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Easy cure is right!
Hep C has never been easier to treat and cure then now!
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There is an advocacy right now in D.C. trying to get senators to help change that "rule" so everyone who wants it can be treated and doesn't have to wait until they get sick. At least it's in the works. It may take some time.
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Your liver is not going to heal itself under the circumstances, but it sounds like you're being proactive by not doing things to cause further damage.

You say that you don't have cirrhosis, but did not say exactly where you're at, in terms of your liver's health. Have you had a biopsy or ultrasound of your liver?

Best wishes
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You need to appeal the decision with your insurance company. If they refuse after the appeal, go to www.mysupportpath,com and apply to Gilead for help.
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What SurfsideGal said!  You need to be proactive for yourself!  The recommendations don't say can't treat or shouldn't treat just that F3s and Cirrhotics need it more.  As SG said Appeal.  If you get denied the 2nd time, then you have the paperwork to file to Gilead.

Good luck and Blessings,

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It's a very sad outcome to the last guidelines that they were misinterpreted by so many medical professionals to exclude patients who were not as sick as cirrhotic patients or transplantees

This issue was addressed by Dr. Norah Terrault in her engaging talk at the Liver Conference last year:


The idea was to give priority to those with advanced liver disease but Never to exclude patients or to wait for them to develop advanced live disease. That would be crazy, right?

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I agree totally with you I think the guidelines were not clear and many are finding themselves denied treatment as a result. Look at my situation where I fit the 8 week box but my doctor prescribed 12 weeks and I had to fight down to the wire to get the additional 4 weeks thanks to Gilead for picking up the cost. I really believe they should do away with the 8 week tx and put everyone on 12 weeks without cirrhosis and 24 weeks for those with it. That way most people would be treated and not have to go through the stress like I went through.
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If it makes you feel even the slightest bit better, Printze, I and many others were feeling your pain right along with you

Treatment is stressful enough but having to fight for what you, through diligent research and thoughtful questions to others in similar situations, have determined is your best course of action, well, that's just too much

I don't know about eliminating the 8 week altogether though. It seems to work fine for those who are treatment naive with no liver damage

These are very powerful drugs and I wouldn't take more than I needed unless there were a very good reason to do so

Says the woman who was told Last time she relapsed: "Yeah, we probably should have done 24 weeks of S/O rather than 12"


I wish everyone could just be treated and cured. We are still the guinea pigs though we have it so easy compared to those who endured the harsh regimens of the not so distant past

No one knows what the long term effect of the new treatments will be
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I am tx naive with moderate fibrosis low viral load and I fit the 8 week criteria yet I need 12weeks iI think that is what I find unclear about the 8 week tx, I should have been ok with that yet I needed to do the additional 4 weeks. It is a fine line for those who have no fibrosis I believe the 8 weeks is fine. I am glad it worked out for me I would not want tossee others have to go through this on the 8 week tx the stress was to difficult to deal with and work at the same time. I know it works for many however I do believe that caution really needs to be taken on the shorter tx.
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This infuriates me. If you have hep C the insurance carriers should be jumping up and down so you can get rid of it. The cost of cirrhosis and transplants is millions. What is wrong with these people.
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Exactly they are greedy and have no compassion for those suffering from life threatening conditions.
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Its also people that work for the insurance carriers. They are part of the it.
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I'm having the problem that my doctors won't prescribe any treatment for me at all, saying that my numbers (Hep C Quantitation 987,940 )(LOG10 5,995) doesn't qualify me to receive Harvoni or Sovaldi even though my insurance company covers both drugs. I was diagnosed 1998...
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