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Healthcare worker disclosure?

Hi, I SVR now for 5 years. About to switch jobs as a registered nurse.  I work in surgery. Pre employment physical coming up, and questionnaire doesn't ask about hepatitis, but has "other".  Also asks about prior surgeries.  Should I disclose history of successful treatment of hep c and liver biopsy? Or just leave it blank? What do you think?
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I would not disclose
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If you are asked I would think you should answer truthfully other wise you would be falsifying employment information.

Also isn't it allowed for health care workers to be infected with hep c and even HIV in the US? That it is not a legal bar to employment?

Plus in any event you no longer have hep c. What state do you live in maybe you can research health care employment rules in your location.

Best of luck to you
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So, I appreciate your answer. Just to clarify, it doesn't specifically ask about hepatitis.  It goes a blank line that says "other".  
However, at the end it says "I hereby certify that all statements made on this form are true to the best of my knowledge. I fully realize that should an investigation disclose any misrepresentation, I will be subject to immediate dismissal."
That's the part that scares me. If I don't write it in under the "other" line , would that be "misrepresentation"?
Is there an explanation for the question on the form? Also we are covered by the ADA Anerican Disability Act and fairly but admittedly not perfectly sure as I am neither a doctor or an attorney that it would be discriminatory not to hire you even if you currently were infected with hep c. I was not able to find anything that employment as an RN is not permitted if one has hep c (or even HIV for that matter)

Maybe you could contact your states department of health and ask them directly about your concerns about the form and employment issues in general. I expect you would not have to provide your name to ask these questions. Or the forms provider maybe able th clarify the meaning of "other"

Good luck
And another thought about "other". You could make the argument if it comes up later that as you are cured you did not feel in good faith you needed to include that information
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You don't have to disclose Hepatitis C.   But your pre-employment physical will reveal your Hepatitis C status.   They can't deni you employment based on your Hepatitis C status.   I would disclose with explaination you have been cured because they are going to find out anyway.  Don't try to explain after the fact.  You for sure won't get the job.  
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Things have changed in the last 5 years.  Hepatitis has a cure.  I know nurses who have gotten jobs after cure.  One tested positive who didn't know they were Hep C positive.  They tested her viral load at pre physical.  That's what to expect.  The employer will verify your status.   I would worry to much about this.  The employment/health profession knows no viral load means no hepatitis C.
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I think I am going to contact the gi doc that treated me 5 years ago and see if I can get a letter to explain my SVR / cured status.
Has anyone here ever got such a letter from their doctor for either work or insurance purposes? If so, how did that work out?
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