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Hep-C from barbershop

Hi, I'm worried to death. I went to a barbershop today and despite every time that I ask the barber to use my clipper to shave my neck, I asked him to use his razors. Whilst shaving he asked me if I want him to change the razor, and I realised that the razor had been used and I started to get worried. I could also spot small cuts on my neck, But I saw that he picked up the razor from a jar of methanol. What are the chances of me getting infected with Hep-C or any other kinds of Hepatitis. I'm not well informed on the difference, can you help me?
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Alcohol doesn't kill Hepatitis C.  Bleach does kill Hepatitis C.  You can clean by using 10% bleach in water to kill Hepatitis C.  

Methanol is a pretty toxic solution to be using for cleaning barbershop tools.  But its bleach that kills Hepatitis C.  

Apparently in your country and Pakistan barbers in remote areas contribute to the passing of Hepatitis C.  Due to the fact sterilization of razors and clippers often are not cleaned between shaves and haircuts.   The bigger concern is the shaves.  

I would purchase my own razor for use in the barbershop.  Yes you can get
Hepatitis this way.  If your concern then get tested.  

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It's not common to use the razors twice in my country And I was shocked about the incident today. It's first time happening in my life and you can't compare my country to Pakistan in terms of hygiene or anything else. I really wonder about lack of proper knowledge about my country between American people...
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I'm sorry you were offended by my statement.  I have never been to iran.  The statement could be just as true in the United States.  But for the most part we use disposable everything so barbers have lost lots of business.

We have some of the same issues here in nail salons.  After having hepatitis C and being cured I won't go have my nails done at a salon.

Apparently, there is a lot more research done on transmission of hepatitis C in Pakistan.  Research of a broader scope than iran.  So it appears that the true forms of transmission are lacking.  



I hope that the information I have provided you is helpful.  
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Thanks for your information. Every time Americans face Iranians, they kinda start insulting them unintentionally. I don't blame them, It's due to our hostile government which most of the population don't approve it, but it's done what is done and we can do nothing about it. I've been to many countries, and in terms of hygiene, Iran has a decent place among them. As you can see in the articles that you provided as well. I think I have to wait 3 months to get tested, just wanted to know if I have to worry about symptoms that may occur sooner.
BTW I would be glad to provide you with more information about Iran.
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I would wait 6 months to get tested.  Then you will be able to know the antibody test is correct, and maybe not have to do the HCV RNA PCR Test.

By the way, I would not worry in the meantime.  This is a very slow developing virus, as far as symptoms, etc, go.

I had the virus for over 40 years and only found out I had it on a blood test to donate blood -- I had no symptoms - and that was 20 years into Hep C.  In later years I did develop fatigue, but even with the hardest kind to treat, and after having Hep C for 40 years, I am now treated and reached SVR - hep Speak for cured.

Good luck.
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What you experienced is low risk.   The symptoms of exposure are flu like.
Then there could be no symptoms at all.   You can get a HCV RNA PCR
test 3 weeks after exposure.  This test is conclusive and will confirm if you have Hepatitis C or not.   The test is expense.  In the U.S. it's around $400.
Again, your exposure is low risk and testing in 3 months for Hepatitis C antibodies is lots less expensive.  You may retest with the antibody test at 6 months to confirm the 3 month results.

FYI: You can test positive for Hepatitis C antibodies and cleared the virus on your own.  This happens to 25% of those exposed.   If this did happen you would test positive for hepatitis C antibodies for the rest of your life....even though you don't have hepatitis C.   In this case, the only way to confirm you don't have hepatitis C is by HCV RNA PCR test.

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