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Hep-c and Seroquel

Just wanted to know if anyone else was ever perscribed Seroquel?

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I have been taking seroquel for 4 or 5 years now...I have hep c--..I am treating now..on 18th week...and I still take seroquel..don't actually know what I would do without it because it does help w/sleep..hope this info helps.
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Mostly for sleep I've just seen Ambien prescribed, not Seroquel.  If you were prescribed this for other reasons pre-treatment I'd imagine they will keep you on any meds that don't conflict with the efficacy of the interferon or riba.  I haven't read anything about it causing any negative effects - did you ask your doctor?  
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Hi I took Seroquel for about five years recently stopped because it made me feel very tired
and I sleept for long periods of time. I now take Zyprexa 25 mg and feel great.
Back to the Seroquel my GI doctor said it was ok to take Seroquel during treatment, make sure you talk with your doctor before taking any new medicine.

Take Care

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Thanks for your info. My dr. perscibed it to me and I fully trust him. Just wanted to know if any one else was perscibed it.... What is you dosage? I was up to 300mlg at night?

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