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Hep c through barber razor cut

Hi there,

I am new to this and as I speak very alone and anxious,
I currently visited bali for holiday and decided to get my beard cut.

The barber himself I'm sure changed the razor blade but I'm not sure? I noticed after the beard he had cut me by a pimple I had while back and small blob of blood visable.

What I kindly ask from anyone is what are thr chances I  could get hepatitis from it.

Have there been any incidents and what are ratio/chances.
Shop looked clean.


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Highly unlikely.  If you continue to have concerns get tested.  
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The window is 6 months I am to belive?
After 12 weeks for a person with a normal immune system enough antibodies should have developed to detectable levels. For people with compromised immune systems like in those infected with HIV or taking immunosuppressive medications or undergoing chemotherapy it may take up to six months for enough antibodies to have developed to detectable levels.

This is a community of patient who had or currently have hepatitis c. There are no medical professionals here. This community is primarily for emotional support and sharing of experiences for those diagnosed with hepatitis c.

As such we cannot offer medical advice or diagnose any medical condition. For medical advice see your personal physician as opposed to a patient moral support Internet community forum.
Thank you for your time help and patience
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Hello,  do you mean No to incidents that have led to hepatitis c in this manner
Or no to this is not a concern
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