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Herbal Treatments

I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C back in 2005.  I spent about 3 years driving around the country to many doctors who promised to cure this illness with different alternative medicine ie herbal medications and many other things. Although in some cases these treatments and/or herbal medicine did lower the ALT liver levels it was only temporarily and definitely did not cure it. I ended up doing the Interferon/Riboviron treatment in the end and was thankfully cured.
For those thinking which path to take please do not waste your time and money with herbal treatments and give yourself the best chance there is.  I only had side effects the first day and was absolutely fine after.  Good luck and God Bless!!!
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Glad to hear your were cured.

Good to hear good news once in awhile.

Also great advice about seeking conventional treatment for HCV instead of alternatives. Some heated discussions have taken place in this forum regarding "snake oil" cures.

No reason not to treat now with the new drugs. The odds are better with shorter durations. Should be a no brainer......
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Three years? What a road trip. Glad you cleared the virus!
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Good for you Owen,Congrats on your cure.

On your journey did you try the heptech products?
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   This is a great message, which I whole-heartedly agree with
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Your story is a familiar one.  I have seen this same scenario many times and in the end the pocket book of the infected person is a whole lot lighter, their liver damage worse and the alternative medicine bank accounts keep growing by leaps and bounds.  Big pharma is rich too but they do cure us.

Very happy you are SVR.  
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I am non responsive after Interferon/Riba and currently looking for information related to supplements helping reverse fibrosis as mine is at 3on4 in 4 scale. My strategy it to buy time waiting for better medical cures. Therefore Heptech products are interesting but I am still looking for more information from those who took Heptech supplements.

Certainly there are many "snake oil" cures and clever guys getting much money on it. But common people, making equation between guys offering herbal treatments and big pharma is totally wrong, lightly saying. This is to compare ants to elephants. If someone is doing such comparisons is either naive in reality perception, ignorant or is an associate of big pharma. Big pharma take billions of dollars on interferon/riba and wishes to earn more on newer cures. I know many people working for big pharma in sales and you have no idea what corrupting, lobbying, influencing practices some of them have in their agenda to get things done, I mean to sale more.

The thing is that everyone sick should take its own health in his own hands. It doesn't mean forget about doctors, rather use different sources of information which can help you be cured or maintaine better live since awaiting for appropriate cures.  Read everything possible from different sources and take your own informed conclusions. Check solutions which may help lower side effects from Interferon/riba or lower ALT/ASP levels to normal through some herbals. I was trying many different herbals and for me Eurocell is the one which lowered mine ALT to normal. ASP was also lowered but still elevated. I tried also specifics from Dr Zhang from NewYork which for me worked in a similar way improving ALT/ASP. Both formulas have Schisandra herb which is probably the best in lowering ALT. Every person is different so always observe yourself

Probably there are no herbals which can clear virus at least known to me and I studied many different sources of information including chinese natural medicine.
But from my experience what everyone can implement is to change your lifestyle by minimising your stress level, get organic food (very important) exercise daily, think positive and meditate as we as individuals can help ourselves a lot!
I speak mostly to those who were non responsive, because telling us take Interferon/Riba again with only 5% or maybe 10% success rate is not a good advice understanding how deadly these chemicals are. There are better cures up there with much larger success rate but still in clinical trials.

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