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High Cholesterol

Has anybody else had their cholesterol go sky high - I just got a call from doctor who said my triglycerides are 1760 where as a year ago it was 127.  Has started me on medicine and said come back in 6 weeks.  Any input is appreciated.
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I am still in treatment but my Triglycerides went up 100 points, but all the others remained the same.
It has got to be part of the treatment. I don't have any other reasons for it.
My total Chol 163
Tri 177
Weird huh?
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Yes, it is common for people who are treating to find cholesterol rises during or post tx.  The simplest explaination for this is that the liver is responsible for making cholestrol and so, as the liver function improves so does it's cholestrol making capabilities.  My cholesterol and LDL went crazy post tx and I am due for a another check up to see if they have levelled out yet.
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Mine went up to total chol 270 but my "good" was 68 or something which was good.  I get my recheck tomoorrow along with vit d & b levels.
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