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How long can a person with Hep C treated live healthy life as per the current data?

As per the existing stats and medical care, how long Hep c people can live health life?

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You can live a normal life span with hep c. About 20% of people with hep c after 20 years of infection may develop advanced liver disease.

However, the majority of  people with hep c experience little in the way of symptoms fir many years or even decades. The most often reported symptom would be tiredness. When symptoms di develop they are symptoms of advancing liver injury.

However, today with the medications approved since 2014 Hep C is very treatable with the new treatment regimens boasting cure rates as high as 99%

So your best option would be to get treated to avoid any possible future complications.

Good luck
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Thanks for the quick response.
Can I start the medication even during the acute phase?
About 25% of people are able to eradicate hep c infection on their own. Hep c is considered chronic and will need to be treated if you are infected fir more than six months.

Are you infected with hep c? How did you learn you are infected? Any idea how long you have been infected?  Why did you use the phrase acute phase?
I think I am infected based on the two facts: 1. I have symptoms 2.  I had sex with a message girl several time who has been found to be hep c positive anti hcv (s/co ratio 1.78) on CMIA.
My last exposure was 7 weeks ago...and symptoms started in the 2nd week...and got worsen for the last 2 weeks...
Any updates on my exposure please?
All my sexual encounters were protected except for one time oral. It was unprotected oral 1year go. I got some bruise like thing on my penis post that episode. Some covid symptoms like cough and headache were there.  No fever no abdomin pain were.
But after the last protected one I got all the symptoms...main worrisome ones are pain or burning below upper right ribs...and loose stools
How to deal with it when the doc breaks out the bad news!!?
I am extremely unlucky contracting it  this way..feels aweful..n self loathing
Hep c initial infection for the vast majority of people are without symptoms. This is why hep c is called a silent illness as most people have no idea they are infected.

Hep c is a blood borne illness the most common route of transmission is the sharing of IV drug needles.

While there is a small risk of sexual transmission especially for those who engage in rough sexual practices like BDSM or have multiple sex partners hep c is not really considered a sexually transmitted virus.

Did you have a risk of having hep c infected blood enter your blood stream? Otherwise from what you have described I doubt you are at risk of contracting hep c.

What you should do is wait 12 weeks after this possible exposure and have a hep c antibody test then go from there. But I tend to doubt you are infected with hep x from this incident.
The symptoms you have listed are not those of hep c infection. I was infected for 37 years before the new treatments came along and I only felt tired from time to time that’s it.

What to do if you receive bad news. Ask the doctor when you can start treatment to cure you of this very slow acting today very curable illness. Hep c today for most people is nothing much to worry about. Get tested, get treated, and get cured. That’s it for the majority of people newly infected. But again I tend to doubt from what you described that you are infected with hepatitis C.
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