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I am just wondering if any of you have seen this announcement on new HepC drug?

New drug been approved for Hep C

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Haven't been tracking new drugs so much since I was cured but there have been several released

Do you have a question about this new med Vosevi?

There are other announcements as well


FDA approves two hepatitis C drugs for pediatric patients


FDA approves Mavyret for Hepatitis C

And your link which leads to

FDA approves Vosevi for Hepatitis C
Yea, I got approved for Vosevi.  After going through resistance testing, seeing Hepatologist an hour and a half away.., I have been approved for new drug by Gilead (came out after Harvoni).  My doctor didn't want me to go the Harvoni route. I did ask about it. Since i am non-cirrhotic and have resistance issues, and I am a treatment failure patient.., all these things made me be a good candidate for Vosevi.  NO RIBAVIRIN. and NO INTERFERON.  Very glad about that. 3 drugs in one pill, once a day for 12 weeks. Anyhow, there are some sides listed on there, but I won't know whether I will even be affected by them or not.  They list the usual.., headache, nausea, diarrhea, insomnia,  fatigue, type of sides that are they same sides I've ever heard about when using Peg or Riba.., so I think I will deal with whatever if any sides crop up.  Vosevi contains sofosbuvir  (which I had in the Sovaldi/Peg/Riba treatment on my last TX about 2-3 yrs ago), a Prot. Inh and a Poly Inh     I will actually had the meds in hand next week, but am waiting until after Thanksgiving to start it.  I have to meet with my GI (who is following me local) and sign a form, before I actually start the regimen.  
Yeah I was a 3 time null responder to interferon based treatment. First time was monotherapy with 3 shots of intervon a week as that was all there was I think about 1995 the first time I treated. Later it was interferon and ribavirin and then one more with interferon ribavirin and a trial drug all with no success. I was a total non responder my viral load never decreased at all.

I was diagnosed with cirrhosis Jan 2008. When Incivek was approved my doctor did not want to prescribe it for me because the odds of it working were about 14% and it was too dangerous for me to try.

When Sovaldi and Olysio were approved I treated with them starting March 2014 for 12 weeks but unfortunately 12 weeks after I completed treatment I found out I had relapsed in Sept.

When Harvoni was approved a couple of months later I started on that for 24 weeks because of my prior treatment history. We later decided to add ribavirin to hopefully improve my chances so I took Riba for 15 of the 24 weeks.

That treatment worked so I was officially cured at EOT May 4th 2015

We never did any resistance testing.

Anyway my experience with Harvoni which is very similar to Vosevi was the in comparison to interferon and ribavirin is that it was a walk in the park piece of cake. I almost felt a little guilty that some how I should suffer more for a cure. Made it hard to believe it was don’t anything.

Yeah I had a cooler of mild headachs but whether it was the Harvoni or I just had a little headache I can’t say for sure. Most people suggest keep g properly hydrated on treatment seems to help ward off the headachs. I did feel a little rush on my first dose and my friend said my face flushed just a little. I do remember feeling a little extra energy like I drank extra coffee some call that the Harvoni high. But that’s about it for me.

I hope you have a similar experience and that your treatment is easy peasy
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