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I made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UND on week 12 PCR........ that was the Lab Corp test.
The nurse just called and told me but can't fax me my labs till the doctor gets a look at them.

I'm soooooo excited!

Thanks for the prayers.

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congratulations this is wonderful news!
Be Well - Dave
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Yeahhhhhhh!!!  Diane, congratulations.  I am sooo happy for you.  And astounded at how much this matters to me.  I have the same celebration tears falling that I had for myself.  
Happy day.  Carol
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Yahoo! The best news yet....you are on your way to SVR.
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Congratulations Diane.

I wish you continued success,
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Great news Diane that was the big hurdle and now you are on the way to SVR it's a piece of cake from there.

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your first UND

Congratulations Diane that`s fabulous news.

Since you did LabCorp <43 it will say the magic words

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Yes, that's what the nurse read to me.... I think I'll frame it for a reminder on the days my sx get real bad.......... that light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter by the day.

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Im Sooooo happy for you.I just knew you would do it!!!!I know your gonna have a GREAT  Day today and a whole lot more!!!
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CONGRATS !!! This is what makes it all worth it. This great news will help to keep you going. Best of luck
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Huge congratulations to you.  Great news
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Congratulations! Great news!
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Congratulations!! That's great news and very encouraging.  keep up the good work, you'll make it!
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Congratulations.  That is fantastic
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Great! A new begining...

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Wow, that must be incredibly cool to read the words on the paper... congratulations!
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congrads! That is great news
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that is great news. congrats.
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Hey Diane, that is terrific news!!! So happy for you!!

Keep hanging in there and stay positive my friend.

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Diane, you go, girl, and sock it to that HCV. I'm thrilled for you.  

Whatever tough days lie ahead over the course of tx, I know you'll hang in there to take this to its conclusion and do your utter best to beat this thing forever. And every day gets closer to victory.

Stay strong, stay positive and stay caring.

And hey, congratulations!

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Diane, great news!  Knowing that the drugs are working makes it all worthwhile.  Such a relief!  

Congratulations, you are on your way and will be there before you know it!
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Woo hoo!  Congratulations - keep kicking butt and taking names  =D
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Great news! Congrats.
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You finally got your UND.  Good Job!
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Really great news, on your way to SVR
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