I am proud of myself. I am trying to learn all of these differnt abbriviations mean. I have noticed many posts discussing IR iinsilun res. Many say that this can cause prob. with how well one responds to tx. If I am wrong all input is wanted. What exactly does IR mean, how does one know. I am getting ready to start tx again after a failed attempt. I had a biop[sy and am worse than i though. I am very greatful of this site as I through reading have learned more than from my doctor. So thanks
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Check out this link. Everything you want to know and then some.
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Insulin resistance is a problem with the cells in your body not utilizing insulin well. This includes any insulin; either the kind your body produces on its own (endogenous), or the type you inject (exogenous). Either way, your cells don’t ‘absorb’ insulin efficiently; quite often, this is often a yellow flag for developing diabetes later in life.

The test for IR is the ‘HOMA IR’ test; it includes your insulin and glucose levels. The data regarding insulin resistance and its subsequent effect on HCV treatment is fairly new, and I don’t think there’s a firm consensus or body of knowledge available yet… only select studies showing a better response for patients that manage IR.

If insulin resistance is found, it can be addressed with a combination of diet, exercise, weight management and drugs such as metformin, pioglitazone etc.

I’d definitely discuss this with your doctor, and get his view on it; if he’s abreast of the latest studies, he should be aware of this. Additionally, there’s no harm done watching IR as part of general health management anyway, regardless of HCV status. No point in letting type 2 diabetes into your life if it can be avoided; it’s a real drag to manage, I know from personal experience :o).

If you haven’t found it yet, there’s a page in this forum that has most of the acronyms used here; you can find it in the section ‘Most Viewed Health Pages’, listed as ‘common Hepatitis C acronyms’; or you can follow this link:


Take care—

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Hi ChrityJo:

The link desrt gave you is to my journal (thank you desrt).  The page I called, "What you need to know about insulin resistance to increase SVR" has an explanation about insulin resistance and its association to HCV and SVR (let me know if you have any  questions).

The second page is a list of links to studies about insulin resistance.  The first study on the list, called "Hepatitis C and insulin resistance: steatosis, fibrosis and non-response", is my favorite because it talks about how insulin resistance causes interferon resistance.  It's a great study you can use to educate your doctor if he's not familiar with insulin resistance.

I think it's a great idea to get tested for IR.  According to "Helping Patients Stay the Course on Treatment for Hepatitis C. Side Effect Management Handbook", page 43,  
...up to 70% of cirrhotics are insulin resistant......    

"The liver is involved in carbohydrate metabolism, and as many as 70% of patients with cirrhosis may have impaired glucose tolerance. Hyperinsulinemia, insulin resistance, and hyperglucagonemia (type II) may be a direct consequence of liver disease, especially cirrhosis."



Jumping to a different subject.....

I read a post where you mentioned getting HCV from a bite in 2003.  Even though it may be possible to get Hep C from a bite, the boy's mouth would have had to be bleeding and your skin to be cut...so that some of his blood would get into your blood.  So the chance of that happening would be very low.

Plus.....if you'd been infected in 2003, you wouldn't have Stage 4.  It takes many years for liver damage to advance to cirrhosis....20-30 years or longer.  

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AS I come to terms more and reflect on my own life, I did probably have it prior, I drank like a fish for at least 20 yrs and have been sober since 1994. On the other note, the boy that bit me , there was blood contact, the boy was a cutter, it was resedential at the MH adolecent facility here in Denver. Possibly a reinfection or just a double whammy. Thanks for the web site I will use all. The more I read, the more I learn, The more I wonder if  a secondround of tx will even help.
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"On the other note, the boy that bit me , there was blood contact, the boy was a cutter,"

whats a cutter??

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