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IU/mL, Qnt =104,965 and Log, HCV Qnt 5.02. Genotype 1B What does this mean?

Recently found out that I have Hep C and I was wanting to know if my lab results can reveal the severity of  the disease.
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This lab test result is your vital load (how many copies of the virus are circulating in your blood. There is no relationship between viral load to severity of illness or difficulty to treat. Viral loads vary often. Having any viral load simply means you have hepatitis c.

To know how much damage you have if any you will need some imaging tests like abdominal ultrasound of your liver. Other tests are more informative about extent of liver damage like fibrosure a blood test or Fibroscan which is similar to an ultrasound. Or having a liver biopsy.

Just to add in general it takes decades of infection for hep c to cause liver damage and not everyone with hep c for many tears will develop any liver disease. They say only about 20% of patients with hep c for over 20 years will develop liver disease meaning 80% won’t.

I was probably infected for about 30 years when on my 4th liver biopsy I was finally diagnosed with a fibrosis score of F4 aka liver cirrhosis.

The other result is your genotype 1b the quasi-species of virus you have. There are about 16 genotypes some respond better to one medicine while others respond better to others. Think about the different types of fly like bird flu, swine flu, etc they are slightly different but all are still the flu. Hep c just has names like 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b etc.. but they are all hep c. Knowing the genotype is important to know in order for your doctor to select the best medicine to treat your hep c infection.

Let me know if you have any other questions and good luck. Your odds of being cured are very good.
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Thank you for your help. it is very much appreciated

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