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In need of encouraging words to start treatment, I'm a bit scared any words of wisdom will be appreciated.

I'm a 26yr old male diagnosis in "02" and I know that was the actual year that I have contracted  HCV, I'm so scared to start treatment, I hear all kinds of crazy things regarding it's side affects. My Doc wants to start me on Pegasus & Co- Pegasus, I also heard of Aliana
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Oh, yea I forgot to mention that My geno-type is 4d
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Dren, I did tx 3 years ago for 52 weeks and am SVR today.  I remember the beginning and the getting ready for the tx and hearing all the talk was very scary and worse then actually jumping in and doing it.  You will have your good days and bad,,,,For me,,,it felt alot of times like I had a mild flu or virus where you are not feeling great and under the weather but everytime you feel bad like that,,,you will know that its all for a good cause,,,,Your Health!  Good Luck and stick around as many here are going through tx and help you along the way!
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Thank you, story's like yours helps me a great deal!
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Drink lots of water! Get tons of sleep and get prompt bloodwork. You'll make it through just fine.
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I wish I could "Get tons of sleep" I don't sleep for **** while I'm doing this treatment!
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a marathon runner never thinks about all 26 miles or he'd go bonkers..It's on step and one little decline, incline or bend at a time. Just do it while you have your health and can survive treatment well.
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Treatment is not pleasant but I promise you it is "doable".  As gauf said, drink lots of water .  If your body tells you to rest, then rest.  You're also very young and they say that the younger you are, the better you tolerate the treatment.

Heckers, I'm a 47 year old fossil.  I already did 48 weeks and relapsed and I'm getting ready to start a 72 week sentence on Tuesday.  If I can do it, you can do it.   I'm the world's biggest whimp.

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Individual results may vary!!!

I did not clear but I did treat for 26 weeks. A few hours after the first shot I had chills and a slight fever but on the other 25 shots I was a little tired but that's it. You are 20 years younger than I was so you just might have very minor sides as well.
Good luck
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    Someone correct me if I am wrong, but isn't Geno 4 like 2, 3 as per % of SVR, etc.?

Hi Dren, Geno 2b, in 12th week of tx. It can be rough, but you have to try HARD not to worry 'ahead'. Your only 26 with so much ahead of you so think in terms of getting this disease out of your life and beaten. MANY of us spent , and wasted, way too much worry, stress, fear on waiting to start. My 1st shot was nothing...a few sweats! And haven't had a really bad one yet. The sides vary so much from person to person so being young, you may fare well in that. It can all be terrifying, don't let it! Try to NOT worry until it happens. I have hard sides in one area and than none in others, some have very little, some have minor and so on.
On your 1st tx it can be quite anxiety ridden......what a waste that was for me, it was no more than a vaccination type experience!  Some aren’t, but few 1st shots are rough. ( I stress on this as it’s often the hardest step, starting the 1st one.)
  It can be rough, it can be easy, just plan ahead and for both scenarios. Stay on this great site and ask all your questions thru out tx. You’ll be okay. I’m a 'tough girl'…..but a real woosy  when it comes to meds, and I am doing it. You can. And you have that young, strong age thing going too :}
Most of us our middle agers.
  Keep posting, wish you well.
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If you find yourself getting excessivley moody / grumpy, a day or so after your shot, you may want to try a sleeping pill. This helped me a lot. I just use once or twice a week (on Friday evening and sometimes Saturday evening). Try this, before trying stronger meds like anti-depresents which can be very hard to come off, it may be all you need to get you through (it was for me).

One other thing I did is moved shot to Friday morning, so I am grumpy at work that day, rather than all weekend (which is tough on my family). Depends what works for you though.

Good luck, I am 41 weeks in, a long journey, hopefully will be well worth it!.
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Thanks for sharing!! I went ahead & ordered my meds. should be here by mon.
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   Thanks for all your reply s I've been away for a couple of days. I'm so glad to have found this web site, because besides my doctor I had nobody else to speak to bout Hep C.
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   Glad you found this site too. It is so nice, helpful, comforting to talk to all these people that are feeling and going thru the same thing. You'll be fine, just so sorry to see 'young' ones go thru this, while it's a blessing you found out early and not like many of us that carried it for 20-30 years and have a lot of damage.
  Keep posting, you'll have questions along the way.

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Drinks lots of water and NO alcohol.
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I treated for 72 weeks - it wasn't very easy however - I am clear and disease free now.  It was WORTH IT!!!!!!!!  

You've done the best thing you could have - found a great support group to talk with and that will help you so much.  Ask all the questions you have. Make sure you save EVERY test result - always get a copy. Learn how to read the reports (ask away!). Knowledge is power and doing this helps you feel that you are actively participating in your treatment.

HepC can be very isolating and treatment doesn't make that easier - but in here in this internet world there are so many wonderful people to help keep you feeling alive!  So man times I'd get down and want to quit and I'd come on here and people would make me laugh at myself and keep going.  I'm not sure I would have made it if not for this forum.

You'll be fine.  You just put one foot in front of the other and do what the doctor says.  Try to keep working if you can because it helps you maintain a semblance of normal life. Heck sometimes at work I'd be so busy I'd FORGET what I was going through!


Good luck!
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