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Insulin Resistance.Hep A,B.

Hi All.
I'm a 51 yr old man living in England. Was diagnosed with Hep C Geno 1a in 2003 and have done 48 weeks tx in 2006-7, and 12 weeks in 2009. Inadequate response to both so now have to wait for Telepravier...expecting 3+ years.
I've found from the net that Insulin Resistance may be a major factor in the failure of CHC geno 1a patients to respond to tx. At this stage I would like if possible to identify why I failed to respond to tx so I asked my hepdoc if I could be tested for I.R.  and was told he had no knowledge of it but would get back to me. This was 3 weeks ago and I have heard nothing as yet.I have a regular weight of 77kgs and a spare tyre. I also feel and have felt for some years fatigued.
The question I am finding difficult to get an answer to is "am I worrying for no reason over this"?
I also asked about being vaccinated(sp) against hep A and B. I had bloods taken (again 3 weeks ago) for hep B and have heard nothing. Should I make a fuss about this or am I being overly sensitive?
I asked about protection from hep A and was told there is no good reason to have this unless I'm going to a part of the world where it is a known problem. Again, should I be making a fuss or not?
You will have gathered by now that I'm not too well informed with regard to these problems but would be so gratefull if someone could give me an insight on how to resolve these questions. I'm allocated 15 minutes every 6 months to talk to a doctor and dont seem to get much out of the experience. (was almost thrown out for taking up so much time 3 weeks ago).
If it seems that I'm simply a nutjob then by all means let me know...I stopped biting people's heads off a long time ago!
Thankyou in advance for any help, and I wish you all the very best of luck. Peter.
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       IR is now known to be a major factor in people unable to clear the virus.  IR along with diabetes seems to interfere with the way interferon works.  I was told last week by my hepdoc that there are a couple of papers now out on just that topic.  As far as the new PI's  We here in USA believe they will be avalible in less than 2 years.  Then again the same problem may exist for people with IR or diabetes.  If that is the case the only thing a person can do is live as liver friendly as possible and try to fend off the virus.
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Hello Peter, and welcome to the forum.  I cannot speak to the IR question, however I advise you to insist on the vaccines for Hep A and B.  Your liver is already compromised by Hep C and the last thing you need is further liver damage from a new infection.

Its just as well that you have stopped biting peoples' heads off as that is high risk behavior that could involve blood-to-blood contact ;-)

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To know more about insulin resistant which many heppers are you can go to the top of the page click on people and over to the right of the page you will see nicknames type in CoWriter and her name will come up click on her name  Read her posts and her excellent info on insulin resistance in her posts and journals   best wishes to you for a third time charm to SVR when the time is right  You need a Glucose test and a Insulin test both are blood tests post your results and I or someone will come back with your HOMA score  you will need to fast before the tests at least 14 hours very important to get a true reading   Baja
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