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Is it that simple?

So we can just fly to India to purchase harvoni? Seriously ? I mean is it that simple? What city and what company do you purchase it from? How do I get my hands on the meds once I get to India??
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So where do you get the meds?
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from a pharmacy in India, any one can get them for you just land and order. Its nothing special there anymore.
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You don't have to fly to India, there are safe and legal ways to order them and have them shipped to your home. I live in Colorado and mine arrive today via FedEx.
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How much did you pay? How do you know they are legit?
If you order from Mesochem all you gotta pay $842
.  See below.  How do you know they're legit?  Go to fix HepC website and see what all the people in Oz are saying.  The drugs below are generic Harvoni, you gotta cap them yourself.

8g Ledipasvir 400usd totally
34g Sofosbuvir 442usd totally
Price include shipping cost by fedex
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You capped them yourself and using what you purchased have achieved SVR??
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My husband was on harvoni for 12 weeks cleared his hep c,  But he has been sick ever since,  Maybe because he has a tips in his liver, bad diabetic,  Everyone is different, I was just thinking, by the time you fly to India and stay till you get the meds  would it not be cheaper to by them at home, Who knows what your buying over there
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No, I didn't even cap them up yet.  Just got my powders a little over a week ago, still gotta take some blood tests, see my doctor etc.  I ordered my empty capsules though so that's a start.  I plan on starting tx in a month or so.  Just so you know the doctor from the buyers club in Australia has bought a huge amount of powders from Mesochem and tested each and every one and never had a problem.  Not only that, there's a ton of ppl who have ordered from Mesochem and are SVR today, check out the link.

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You know if you don't want to order from China, you don't have to.  There are pharmacies you can order from or you can order from the fixhepc buyers club.  The drugs cost less than $1500 and they are totally tested and distributed to you by a licensed doctor, check it out.

There is no harm buying from India if you know trusted sources. I also wasafraid to go but took help from Greg Jefferys and also confirmed few people who got medicines from the person i bought medicines.
So overall it was a best and safe trip for me.
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I appreciate your comment but it's totally haphazard.  There are reputable pharmacies and drug manufacturers selling drugs to a ton of Americans and everyone else.  Few ppl actually go overseas to buy, there's no need for it.  You have Dr. James Freeman in Australia and Greg Jefferys helping ppl as well. If you need drugs for HepC you can buy them and they are getting cheaper and cheaper.  You can also wait, but just so you know Gilead is trying to stop all this as it's cutting into their huge profit margin.  Look at nash4all's comment and I don't even know that person.
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I am on Harvoni now, and cleared the virus completely after 4 weeks of 1 Harvoni pill a day, no side effects but some weakness & headaches, but those could be from my cirrhosis too... ... this after unsuccessfully treating with pegatron (interfuron & ribravarin) for 48 weeks in 07-08 with HELLISH side effects
Good for you Albany!  Glad to hear it!  I don't have a problem with Harvoni, just the price tag in the US.  good luck!!
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