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Is this how hair starts falling out?

Hello Everyone.....I've noticed my hair coming out everywhere - on my pillow, in my car, even just in my hands if I'm trying to put it up in a ponytail.  It's not a lot at a time, but it's just happening all the time.  I've always had a pretty full head of hair, and I do shed each summer, so I'm not sure if this is the start of my hair falling out?  I only wash it twice a week (sounds gross I know) and I cut it just below my shoulders to try to help it.  I have a bunch of short "fuzzy ducky" hairs on the top of my head from breakage and I'm in month 3, which my doctor said hair usually falls/thins from months 3-6.

Please, if you've had any experience with this I would love to hear from you.  I don't know if it's time for me to cut it even shorter, or if that even would really help?  This is the one side effect that I was hoping I could avoid :)  Thanks!

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It sure sounds treatment related to me. I think I'd forgo the ponytail for a while. The less stress on the hair the better. Mike
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That's how it started for me.  Cutting it shorter made me feel better (a bit) because it made the wads of hair seem smaller when I pulled them out of the shower drain.  But my hair fell out just as much and just as fast - short or long.  I notice the loss most when I'm rinsing conditioner out of my hair so I gave up using that stuff for now.

It will grow back so try not to let this upset you too much.  Yes, I know that's easier to say than to do.

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do men lose their hair as well?
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So they say!
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Mine usually starts to fall out in month 5.  I've never gone completely bald, but had quite a bit of thinning.  None on my pillow, but in the drain when I washed my hair, or when I brushed it there was a noticable amount left behind in the brush.  I had to cut back alot on how often I washed it because everytime if went to get the tangles out, I just lost more hair.  I never lost enough to require a wig.  I did have to cut back on how often I was doing my color/highlights because my hair just wouldn't tolerate doing that to it after the 5 mon. point.  

I got the treatment 'eyes' early on in TX.  That's the look that your eyes get that make you look like you're not totally up to your normal self.  That look goes away when I'm not treating.

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I lost probaly 60% of my hair now Im going on wek 35. Doctor told me no ponytails, wash only once a week, brush only once  a day. It started week 10-12 coming out just by putting in in a ponytail. It started all over my pilllow yes, the drain and all over my white floors. I dont have enough hair to even put in a ponytail anymore.
Its a bummer but par for the course and now its really falling our in clumps.
I try not to think about it. There's nothing I can do .
Just hope it grows back. It sticks to the creme I have all over me. Its so yucky.
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Sounds like typical tx hair loss to me.  My problem is I can't keep my hands out of my hair and I'm constantly running  my fingers through it to see how much is coming out.  Even though they say don't use clips or scrunchies, the only way I seem to be able to keep my fingers out of  my hair is if I put it up in a butterfly clip of if I wear a hat.  What the heck, it's gonna fall out anyway.   Keeping it in a clip also tends to keep the fallout from getting all over the place.  When I take my hair down or when I comb it (don't brush it, better to use a wide tooth comb/pick) I always do it over the sink and then scoop it out and trash it.

I also only wash my hair once or twice a week.

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Thank you for your comments.  I just got out of the shower and yes, a huge clump just fell right onto my shoulder (I didn't pull or anything).  I made an appt. to cut it short next week, and Mouse I know what you mean about hard to keep your hands out of your hair.

If I had to start Tx all over again (Lord willing this will be it for me :) I would have cut my hair short in the first place.  One, to avoid the trauma of losing all this hair, and two, less clean up :)

Thanks for the input....I hope I can keep some of it :)
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