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my hep c became detectable again after 2 & 1/2 months of being undetectable what are success rates on retreatment?
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It is not "stage 3".
It is "genotype 3".
I am assuming that's what you meant to say.
Stage refers to the condition of your liver - stages 1 thru 4. Stage 3 is not good. It is advanced fibrosis and the next stage is cirrhosis.


I assume that you relapsed and that probably bodes well for a successful re-treatment. You don't just want to repeat the exact same protocol because it is likely you'll get the same result. You should get a good hepatologist and allow him to guide you. You didn't mention whether you've undergone a liver biopsy. That will assess your liver and on that basis you and your physician decide whether you want to wait for new treatment drugs which should be available later this year.

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Were u on a treatment already? I to have hep c and will be starting treatment, but its different for everyone. It depends what type of hep c u have that determines the length of time u are on treatment. I have stage 3 which is the easiest to treat I'm told 6 months on the interferon and hopefully it will be gone. I just spoke to my doctor she said there is a new medication that will be on the market in 2 months. If there is a chance treatment will help u regardless of success rates u need to try. You have one liver and the faster u treat the hep c the better your chances. GOOD LUCK!!!!!
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