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I was diagnosed with the hep c antibodies after a blood donation about 10 years ago. The letter the the red cross sent me said that the donation had tested positive for antibodies to the hep c virus. the letter goes on to say that the findings are consistent with previous exposure to hep c and after futher tests i was found to have successfully cleared  the virus. Now my question is can i be an organ donor??????????
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Did a little search this is from Australia not sure if it is the same in the US
Becoming an organ donor
People with hepatitis C are able to choose to donate
their liver. These would be used for transplantation in the
case of another person that already has hepatitis C.
Transplanting the liver of a hepatitis C positive person
who has died into another person who already has
hepatitis C makes good sense for those who are in need
of an urgent life saving transplant. The transplanted liver
would need to be in a reasonably healthy condition
(e.g. no cirrhosis) and there would need to be no other
healthy livers available at that time from hepatitis C
negative donors.
Having hepatitis C does not negatively affect a persons’
eligibility in receiving a transplanted liver from a
hepatitis C negative donor.
LifeLink is the Organ Donation Network (NSW/ACT)
which is a part of the Australian Red Cross Blood
Service. It is responsible for administrative coordination
of all organ donations that take place in NSW/ACT.
The Organ Donation Network encourages everyone
to register as an organ donor regardless of a person’s
health status or hepatitis C status. All organs and organ
donors are rigorously screened at the time a donation
is possible to ensure that an appropriate donation
is carried out which reduces the risk of infection or
complications for the recipient.
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Im pretty sure u cannot... not even blood
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I dont think so...
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