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Last day of Sovaldi tx

Anyone else care to celebrate?  My last pill already went down.  Well, two more Ribavirin this evening, but then that's it.  
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Congratulations! I am going to be joining you in just 25 days! Way to go! Let us know when you are SVR in 6 months! I will be done w tx on May 1st, my 6 month test will be November 1st!
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You bet! Exciting times Finally, for geno 2s.
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Awesome congrats!! wishing you good results on SVR!!!

I have 9 weeks of Solvaldi / Olysio to go myself

GT 1a / null responder / cirrhosis
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Congrats on finishing, good job!  Wishing you SVR !
I'm done with meds in 11 more days, can't be happier seeing the finish line, though tx was a breeze this time around :-)

Geno 1a relapser.

Good luck to all you dragon slayers!
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Congrats! I finished peg and riba on Feb 24 after 24 weeks.....so far UND. All the best to you and best wishes in achieving SVR. Celebrate :)
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Congrats I have 4 weeks to go and wanted to quit due to Ribavirin but if you can hang in there so can I!. Hopefully I wont hurt anyone in the meantime haha!.

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That Riba is a real humdinger. This time it only made me emotional and obsessive. Oh boy. Lol. Nice combo..I wonder how much was truly the interferon interaction, on my first tx go roun a couple yrs back?. Who knows, right? Big difference with riba and Sovaldi. Huge But it sure it's great to have a tx not involving interferon this time. I understand from my BF, that there is another new med coming this fall, for,
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Congratulations! It's not easy and you have done it. Great job. I am half way there.
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Congrats to you also.     I just took my last 3 Ribavirin pills about 3 hours ago.    Last Sovaldi this morning.    Lets hope for great results for everyone.   Bravo.  .......Kim
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Oh this is so cool. I want it "stick" this time!  My Dr actually said, a couple of weeks ago..you will be Cured this time. In a bit of skeptical mood that day, I mentioned my first year of tx..he said ah, but I never made you a promise before. This time there is a 95%  cure rate, nothing quite this achievable in years past.  Well I guess so, sez I..
So...let's take that as the Solid Truth! Think I will be having some blood drawn for testing tmrw. Will have results by Thursday. Will share the info. Sure can't wait to see the whole c point
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I am just Ecstatic for you!
What an inspiration to everyone who is still treating. I have 3 1/2 weeks down, 8 1/2 weeks to go.
So happy to have this forum to share our experiences. I Just Got My Lab Results! is just not that fun or exciting to most people
But for us, it's the suite at the Saint Francis or a hike to Machu Pichu
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Congrats but get out of the doorway. There`s lots of us right behind you.Were coming in.
See you in 17 days !
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I took my final dosing this morning (simeprevir, sofosbuvir, ribavirin) to complete 12 weeks of this triple therapy.
I managed to get through without too many issues, but I'm certainly glad it's over. Congratulations to Janee, and to all those who are finishing around this time. May all your unpleasant side effects resolve quickly, and your follow-up lab tests be what we wish for!

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Yes widen that doorway, INDEED!!!

8 weeks to go here, and undetected too!

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Ahaha...I Love!! It!
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Congratulations!  I am on week 5 of the Solvadi and Ribavirin tx and it's been a little rough physically and mentally.  Alot of nausea, fatigue, some irritability and depression, but nothing like I hear the inteferon is.  I was wondering how the side effects were for you and if they became any more mild as time went by.  Great to hear you made it.  It gives me hope!!
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The interferon, riba combo sides were murderous..grand ending was an internal case of Thrush! Went to 115_6 lb.,on my 5.6" frame... but I made it thro. (Albeit eventually, not successful) . Therefore this was a cakewalk by comparison. But every side should not be brushed under the carpet. This is a time when u should listen to yourself and allow in some Poor Me..s....uh...remaining Yes! Heppers can have it All! A positive outlook but with Lloyds of Support! This go round Did involve nausea...I dealt by taking my Usual meds first thing in am, than having yogurt yum Fage..with the
HCV meds about an hour later. No coffee with the sovaldi and Riba. Drank that an hr earlier with the high BP mefs. Hehe. But seriously, no vitamins, nothing with the tx meds. Nausea stopped. Emotions and memory got worse this past 4weeks. Energy and white cells plummeted, but I know will bounce  back quickly. Anyone become obsessive or repeating themselves?   Yep.(hand in air) . At least I didn't get an interferon stutter or cuss like a sailor, this go round. Let me know how u do with nausea.
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please excuse the many typos....they should improve in number as well.  lol
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This was my 1st day without my Ribv/Solvaldi combo.    Finished the 12 weeks for geno 2.    Gotta say what a difference a day makes.    Know it's still in my system but feel 100% better.     Perhaps it's a mental awareness.    Seems that many are right behind us Janee so will share some thoughts about the final few weeks.    The nausea, and other sides seemed to go away but the fatigue was insane.   Luckily easy to remedy as slept all I could and then was OK.    So.......worth hanging in there and remember eventually treatment will end.    Truly this is a life changing experience and so grateful to be part of it.   Am a patient of Mayo and on Friday have a blood draw.   Have been up and down with the Hmg so that's been a concern.   Think that's what really hit me in those final weeks.    Last check up it was back up to 10.9 so will see what Fri brings as feel as it kinda bottomed out at again the last few weeks.    Think it's a great idea to all stay in touch with results just to see how everyone is doing.    Hang tight everyone and Nan just want you to know that you and your husband are in my prayers and hope it all smooths out for you soon.            ..Kim
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I am glad to hear that even one day without...you feel better. You guys were scaring me with the sides (i.e., still don't have approval to start treatment). What did your Hgb start at? Just curious.  I hope that everything continues to go well for ya! Jo
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Kim  You wrote:
"Hang tight everyone and Nan just want you to know that you and your husband are in my prayers and hope it all smooths out for you soon."    

Thank you so much for your prayers.
As I posted on the Sovaldi/Ribaviran +  anemia thread earlier today, the great news is they did a new HCV RNA test at 7 weeks and he is officially UNDETECTED for Hep C.  First time he has heard that word. It is just amazing. 16 more weeks to go on treatment but this is such a wonderful thing.
Thank you all for your support and wishing you all hear that word very soon!

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Whoot whoot!
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Kudos! We will all be looking forward to your SVR post 12w or 24w?

My prayers and thoughts go out to everyone for their best possible or even miracle HCV resolution.  
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