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Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Hello Everyone.., it's been a long time but I wanted to check in with the good news for those of you that are still going thru TX or have been recently diagnosed.  For those that don't know me I was diagnosed with HEP-C in the fall of 2007  and I started TX in January of 2008.  The TX was just insane for me and I had a very difficult time with the SX's.  However, 8 months post TX I am still UNDETECTABLE and my doctor has now considered it A CURE!  So for those suffering right now, hang in there, it CAN BE DONE, and you WILL GET THRU IT!  If it wasn't for this forum and the many friends I've met along the way thru my fevers, aches and pains, migraines, sleeplessness, nausea, ect, ect, I would've never made it thru.  So a big thank you to all of you guys and my blessings and prayers go out to everyone!  If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

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Good going!
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Very good news, from one Bill to another!
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Great News!!

I'm one month post tx. myself and playing the waiting game.  This Forum was also a lifesaver for me.  My tx. was difficults towards the end.  Lots more energy now.

Stories like yours give all of us hope.

Congratulations - Lynne
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Great news !! I agree that TX works and all the suffering through TX is worth it. I also just got some good news a few days ago, I'm UNDE 12 weeks post. I was in the Telaprevir study. I was in the one where everyone got the real drug for 12 weeks along with SOC then just SOC drugs until 24 or 48 weeks. I was randomized to 48 weeks but decided to stop at 33 weeks. I started a tapering down process around week 29. I did my own pcr's at week 3,8,12,16 & 24 and all came back UNDE. I had all intentions of stopping at 24 weeks knowing that I would have as much as 48 weeks for SVR being unde at 3 weeks. I added the extra weeks for good measure. Glad I did.

Anyway good news and time for you to go enjoy life. You definately deserve it after what you went through with TX.  Have fun.
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I remember you going thru all that with the headaches and my heart went out to you.  Now it goes out again....only for joy this time!!!!

Congratulations to you.

I wish you all the best life has to offer.  Go for it =)

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Congratulations.....and you are very inspiring
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That is wonderful news. I find out next month, 6 months post TX, if I am UND. TX was horrific but it is always good to come back and tell others that it's doable and things get better. How ya feeling now? I feel a little better every week. I didn't really know how bad I was until I started to feel good again. How wonderful it is to feel joy and happiness again.
For those of you going through TX hang in there this stuff really messes with your mind and body. Time does fly by when you are in a fog though.
Congrats again
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Hi bill good hearing from you.

I think we eneded about the same time and we both goth the same result awesome!!

God bless!!

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  Congratulations ! I remember you started tx about 2 months before I finished. It was a long hard road but you did it.

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Yay!!! A huge congratulations to you! SVR sound beautiful and is beautiful!

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Great to hear you reached SVR! Wish you well.

Best of luck!

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My story is similar to copyman's except stopped at 28 wks from boceprevir (randomized out).  UD at 12 wks. post followup.  Thanks for your post.  It's like never getting tired of hearing how smart your kids are.  You don't get tired of encouraging words and appreciate them.  Thanks.
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