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New and can't be tx

I have in the last 2 1/2 months been told that I have cirrhosis of the liver, had my gall bladder removed, told I have COPD, then the cherry on the top, I have chronic HepC with a genotype of 1-B. They are making a decision if I can survive the treatment and if only 12% odds are worth the treatment.  The doctors tell me nothing.  I am not as informed as all of you and am just plain tired of the yo-yo doctors and not knowing.  I am tired.  I have alot of the side effects from the virus, they feel that I have had it for over 20 yrs, more likely more then 30 because of the damage done.  What a Christmas present that all is!!  

I have decided to put my life in God's hands, I am tired of the doctors and all the unanswered questions and the huge debt that is going to be left for my loved ones.  Being low income and sick in this country is not good.

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Wow, so sorry girl. Yes, being low income, no insurance is HORRIBLE!
Welcome here and many can help you, answer things for you.

Find a teaching hospital closest to you, get into a LIVER SPECIALIST ASAP! They have assistance programs.Post your state, we can direct you to someone possibly.

Sometimes tx can help the liver a bit, if not cure you. The pro's will have to advice you on this. You don't say your age? I have carried this over 30 years, with minimal damage.
  You need help! There is a chance you will qualify for assistance, disability now also.
Please don't toss in the towel, you have options, you need to find a good Dr.
  It CAN be done.

Good luck, keep posting, LL
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Just saw your age and your in Indiana. Your young woman!

Anyone that can direct her to a good place near Kokomo, In.?

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I dont now wat to say exept welcome here. Like your picture come to think about Jesus when saw it. Went like a lamp coming back as a lion. be praying for u and your love ones! GOD BLESS
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Hi and sorry to hear the bad news .

Not sure I will ever find out How I got infected or How long  I have been living with HCV.
But one thing I know for sure is that I Need to deal with it. I made phone calls and learned
alot on this site..Thank You All...

Welcome here,this is a great site where you could get help and very good advise
and bond with others too....
I know that if you call ROCHE the comp that makes Pegasys/Ribavirin medications need it for treatment of HCV..... they will send medication to you.
Try a local clinic or speak to your PCP I know you could help .

SH.......    LIKE THIS MAKES ME MAD........  

SORRY KAT ......



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as advised you should try and find a hep specialist in or around your area.  most are found in teaching hospitals.  as was stated you could qualify for assistance or even disability.  if you stay with this forum you will see many will come to your aid with the info to guide thru your hcv..

if you are dealing with general practice doc you should imediateley ask for a refferal to a gastro intenstinal doc and or a hep specialist who has more knowledge with tx'ing hcv
( hepatitis c )...

if you have any blood work done it would be helpful for those in here who have more knowledge to give better info as well any other test done dealing with hep c.

hanf in there you are in the right place and we will be here for you...
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Thanks you people,  I am 56 yrs old, live in Kokomo, Indiana and I am still working.  Right now we cannot afford to have me go on any aid.  It will come down to that, but we are 10,000 dollars in debt just to have gotten this far.  I have genotype 1-B with the cirrhosis and that is all I know so far.  The specialist that I am going to hasn't given me much information, most of it is online.  I don't think he really knows much.  I am scheduled to go to Indy on Mar 15 to a team of specialists.  So here goes another round of tx.  My hep nurse told me alot and said there have not been any studies or favorible results with tx when the virus has advanced to causing cirrhosis.  I most likely got this in the early 70's from working in nursing homes.   I will stay in touch with you all.  Thanks for the input.

Kat    my email is ***@****
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from what the docs are saying to you, maybe your cirrhosis is advanced and even then you have more options than youve been told.  if your cirrhosis is early,
there are plenty of people around here like that who have beat the disease with a specialized treatment. there are 3 or 4 individual stages of cirrhosis, you need to find out which one you are.
dont let them bring you down with all the bad news or no news. todays hepatitis
patients have more hope and possibilities than ever especially with the new medicines coming out.
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Glad you are going to a specialist. Try the anti fibrotics that HR mentioned...you can look at my Fibroscan results thread or go to Gauf's profile. Some have gone down stages using some of these supplements.  I think I remember you from a while ago, were you here before?  We can't post emails, but if you like you and send a message with your email by clicking on the person's name if it is in blue and send them a personal message.  

Good luck and let us know!
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Hi to all, I work alot of hours and am so tired all the time, I only get to check up on these threads on the weekend.  You are all very helpful.  More so than the doctor!  I go in on Mar 15 to Indy IU and see the specialists.  I will have a list of questions to ask, thanks

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good luck, glad to here you are prepared.
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they told me that my Paul wouldn't last the rest of the year and he is taking his medicine, going for regular blood work. he is still here having good days and bad days... . If you take your meds and don't drink you can make it.If the bills are too high you can get gov assistance.  Don't be ashamed to ask because thats what you paid for. We go to Ben Taub in Houston,TX and Paul has a great team of doctors.
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Check out MMS good luck. google it  MMS. sound hokey but
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