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Please Please help me I have C but sadness kills me. read my story

I am Egyptian and I have 35 years old. I was so happy with my fiance and we got married last year 1-29-2015. Our Orthodox church asked us to make blood test and i discovered that I have Virus C the day before my wedding day and I felt so so sad. after marriage I was happy but my brain didnt stop thinking of the virus. on 2-15-2015 I went to good doctor at Cairo and my results was:-Fibroscan report stage is F1 5.8 K Pascal. and my weight was 63. HCV-RNA positive 136.722 PRC> Urine Examination all normal SGOT AST was 50 and SGPTALT was 84> Complete Blood Picture "count is within normal limits for age and sex. Platelets are normal. Prothorombin normal. everything was normal. anyway, after two months my tooth was paining me so much and i went to doctor and gave me antibiotic injection and told me its ok for virus c and i took catafast essential just two times "i know its not good for the virus but i used to take it before i know.
here is the problem, after i come back from doctor, i started to eat very less although the doctor told me to eat anything. i started to drink a lot of Ginger and things made me lose weight, after i took the tooth injection, my wife said to me, you know i watched in tv that if u took wrong antibiotic the case will be very bad in 2 weeks. I started to watch my health after 2 weeks and felt that the tooth drugs made something to liver or virus. my wife told me the pcr was over million and it felt me bad. my health and feelings started to go down. i went from 63 kilos to 50 in two months. my heart started to pulse very fast and like i will go in coma. my body had unbalance go left and right. i went do heart doctor and liver doctor again and many doctors they said im ok and i made ultra sound in 6-13-2016 and report is within normal appearance of all upper abd and pelvic organs. i sleep at 6 am or 7 and wake up 1 pm or less everyday because im afraid. i even dream or the virus sometimes. i went last months to famus doctor in Cairo name Wahid Dos. i made new tests again and ALT is 59 AST 40 Albumin 4.5 nlood glucose is ok alpha-fetoprotein  1.8 and was .8 6 months ago. Thyriod function test  TSH 1.18. i also made PRC on 6-13-2015 and went down from 136.722 to 24800 low viraemia. and ANA (Titre) negative 7.1 iu/ml.
i although made ultra sound last month and they was some changes in liver (bright liver and fatty hepatic changes) maybe i didnt make sport or even walk since i felt sick.
what is going on with me please please? im so scarry to take Harvoni the egyptian one, im affraid of sight effects and if it make low heart rate ( i dont have problems with heart or take any mids). im afraid to take harvoni and im only 56 kilos now ( i was 60 in general) my high is 169 c.m. im afraid to take harvoni and im feelings very very bad inside me. i cant walk even 5 minutes because my heart start to pulse fast. i eat good but cant gain weight. what should i do? shall i depend on God and take harvoni and all these things will go away after take the mids? my nightmare the day i will take  the first bill. im sorry but help me...help me i almost cry everyday i could live with C all my life and die without it but that is me.. i m like (Mirror syndrome) . help me doctors what should i do? btw, although marriage effected a bit because we was always fighting me and my wife because things and to take the drugs. i was afraid of the interferon injection. im sorry for speak a lot. God bless you
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btw, sometimes when my heart beat fast, if i drink peppermint with sugar or eat, my body calm down. maybe something wrong with benkirias? homoglobin always up to 14...last one was 16.1
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viral load does not relate to severity of illness i am thinking your heart rate and weight loss could be due to stress from worrying too much.

Harvoni is a good medicine. I took it for 24 weeks because I have cirrhosis for 8 years now. I had no problems on treatment from harvoni and am now cured.

Try not to worry so much you are hurting your health. Treat your hep c and you will be fine

good luck
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yes i worry to much more than you think. i even was checking every food or drinks over internet. il take harvoni for 12 weeks but american drugs are better than egyptian drugs so im afraid of the virus will come back again. im destroying my self i need help.
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genotype 4
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Harvoni is very effective have faith be brave
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Time to get a grip my friend, no reason to stress out so much, it's bad for your health.  If you need to get something from your doctor to calm down a bit and stop stressing out, do it as soon as possible.  In your post above you mentioned something to the effect that American HepC drugs are better than Egyptian HepC drugs.  That's simply not true and it's been proven through clinical trials that generics made in other countries are just as effective as Harvoni.  Just copy the link below and paste into your browser bar to read all about it.  There are many pharmaceutical companies near you that provide quality HepC drugs/generics.  Beacon Pharmaceuticals, Incepta Pharmaceuticals, Hetero, Julphar etc.  Time to calm down and start tx.  good luck!

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Many times people who are contemplating or undergoing treatment experience depression and anxiety. That is normal - it's a lot to take on but ask your doctor to evaluate your anxiety as well. She/he could prescribe a mild antidepressant or some kind of med that would not interfere with your treatment and will help you get through it

You will be So glad that you did. Getting rid of the virus is so wonderful. Get started. Get cured!

~ Linda
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I have been sick and tired for one year untill now. i even cant walk 5 minutes. before i know that i have virus i was walking like 6 kilos everyday and work untill 10 pm.my problem im so scared of harvoni and mids in general.a friend of mine and he is a doctor adviced me to wait a bit untill i back to my normal life because if i take harvoni now might not give its good affect. its like u eat a lot but your feelings is sad so you will not gain flesh. he wrote me three mids. 1-Arcalion forte Sulbutiamine 400 mg.
2-trib gold tribulus terrestris extract.
3-Buspar 10 mg. Buspirone Hydrochloride before sleep.
advice me shall i start harvoni or the nervous drugs first??
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As a fellow suffer I can tell you're stressing your body/self to your limits.
I just found out my FIBROsur testing resulted in a fibrosis level of F3 with an activity level of A1 and a medivir score of 68. Ultrasound reveals a partial porcelain gallbladder and I go for a nuclear CAT scan next week to find out the damage. With a genotype of 1A I can assure you that I am just as stressed as you are.
Everything enter our mind, as the what if's are there. Gallbladder cancer, Fibrosis to the level of cirrhosis and all that brings with it.
Alprazolam (Xanax) helps me for now and I pray that my HMO will pay for the $94,000 harvoni treatment.
KNOW THIS -you are NOT alone. Millions have this disease and some don't know it.
The chances of being Cured today are much better than they ever were; that alone should give you solace.
We're with you my friend.
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I understand you. last two years I have been in such strees. I was working a lot to make money and get married. I spent over than half million egyptian pound it was equal lik 90 thousand dolla. here it buy a house. and marraige brought sone stress and fighting. and know i have virus. a lot of things. God created our body to carry a lot. You will cure and we might meat each other one day. May God heal you and all.
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