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After 2 treated HCC tumors.

What is likelihood of a 3rd showing up overtime?

Any experience with this?
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Found this:
“ Despite optimal treatment, HCC continues to have a high recurrence rate. It recurs in 50-80% of patients following resection, with the majority of recurrences developing within 2 years. Careful follow-up in the postoperative period is mandatory.”

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LR 5 treated  with SBRT but still see multiple LR 3.  It is weird sitting on a time bomb awaited for LR 3 to LR 5

Thanks for your input
I still get confus
I still get perplexed and confused still about  articles mentioning resection or ablation/SBRT does the same apply to the later
Truly, your best bet would be to ask your doctor. But no matter what method is used the risk of recurrence is similar. The only way to prevent recurrence is a liver transplant. Removing tumors just buys time and avoids a transplant as long as possible.

I was found last spring to have multiple LIRAD 3 so yup watchful waiting
Do they have you doing the every 3 months MRI watch?
Well first MRI was after anomaly found on ultrasound in January so MRI February LIRAD 3

Repeat in April LIRAD 3

Repeat in July LIRAD 3

Since no change we’re waiting 6 months for  next one will be January 202/
Best wishes and prayers for you.
Same to you best of luck and hoping you remain tumor free
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