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Resulted after 6 week of treatment HCV RNA negative

Hi everyone. Hope you doing well. Just to let you know guys that I am still under treatment using this Indian copy of Harvoni. I was untreated before and my viral load was less than 6 millions. Did the test on the 4th week but the laboratory guys told me to repeated again due to some mistake. Did it on the 6th week of the treatment and the answer resulted negative. I am so happy and hope to be negative even after i will finish the 12th week of treatment. What I wanted to ask all you guys what are the chances that I am cure and I will not have any more the virus?! Usually how it works this process?!  
Thank you
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In general the odds are about 98% of being not detected at 12 weeks after treatment was completed, which is when you can say you are cured.

If you have been treated in the past with the old interferon treatments and was a non responder and/or have advanced liver disease or cirrhosis your odds in general are around 85%

Almost everyone will be not detected on treatment the vast majority of failures are relapse after treatment has ended
For me is the first treatment. I am genotype 1B. Liver damage stage F0-F1. Hope for the best.
Genotype1b is more easily cured odds are about 99% to 100% you will be fine
Thank you very much. Tomorrow  have to see the doctor and let you know all you guys.
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Here is some information from MedHelp.org on the various Hep C treatments, in case it helps you or anyone else following this thread. It includes success rates.

Please do come back and let us know how it went!

Dear MHeditor, just a big thank for everything. This website is amazing. I can say that some how it saves me and provide me a lot of information. Also communicating with other people that had the same problem as me, sharing experiences was very helpful. I can remember it was 4 years ago that during a rutine blood test I found that I have high level of transaminances. Than make some echos and I have this fatty liver. After that I have done all the hep test were i was positive on A and C hep. Than i go more deep on finding the genotype and the viral load. When i took the answer I was destroyed, cause I have limited information for the hep c. Had to go to the doctor one of the best here and he told me that I can be cured with Peginterferon alfa-2B and that I must try asap. Start reading and I saw, plus the side effect, that the cure rate for my gen 1B was 50/50. Meanwhile I had an elastographi done that showed me that I was on the F0-F1 stage, mostly F-0.After this I decided to go in Italy where I have the chance to be visited by the one of the best in class. The Italian doctor told me to wait cause new pills where on the way and the cure rate was higher with less side effects. All this time somehow I had encounter your website, that as I told above was like a compass to me. Now I have almost 3 week left and I hope for the best, but regardless the outcome, Just A BIG THANK FOR ALL YOU GUYS. THANK YOU      
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Hi there! How are you feeling?  I am so happy that the treatment is working for you. I have been cured for 5 years.
The general feeling is good. I finished my last pill on 8 January. In fact I was diagnose on very early stage of the disease. I never had any problem only  before diagnosing I had just a bit high ALT and Ast. After following a healthy diet of vegetable and not taking any alcohol or meat and a lot of working out like (every day 30-45 minutes of jumping rope and on weekend around 40km of mtb around cites hill) for 4 years every time I had done the blood test my Alt and Ast were perfect. During treatment I have followed the same regime even I was I bit tired from the Horvoni I think I increase the physical load. A lot of cardio exercise and in the end of treatment I lost an overall of 1kg. I was preparing my self for the cure. My weight 4 years ago was 93-94kg and in 4 year I planet to lose around 500gr per month and in 2 year I reached the weight of 82-83 kg that I kept as a reference. During treatment the only problem that I had the most was sometime very strong headache like my head was splitting in half but this in the evening for no more than 20-30 minutes. Sometime I passed taking aspirin or paracetamol 3 or 4 times. Now I have to wait and see if I am going to result after 12 weeks negative on the HCV RNA. As  flyinlynn said before the odds that I am cured are 98% and I really hope to be part of this percentage not of the rest. I had a lot of bad luck on this issue cause I do a very regular life never been drugged in my life, never a tattoo, regular partner. So I do still ask my self how I took it?! Maybe from a surgery done 13 years ago or maybe from a dentist, but past is past and I am looking forward and really hopping of being cured.    
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